Love Story

Cassie Raven finally met her One Direction idol, Harry Styles. Although what may seem like a true relationship turns into a sex game


1. i Finally Meet Harry Styles

Hi my name is Cassie Raven. I Won a contest on TV .The prize was a day with One direction. my Favorite is Harry Styles. I Am 18 years old just like him! so i might have a chance with him hopefully everything goes well.But i have a little problem. He is dating a very slutty music singer named Taylor Swift.........So today is the day i meet One Direction i'm so excited. i'm finally meeting the love of my life Harry Styles. I was flipping out! he kept talking to me about his girlfriend Taylor swift and how horrible she was and about the horrible things she would make him do. me and harry had a great day. he asked for my phone Number and he asked if i wanted to spend the night i said yes! so i'm in his apartment and Taylor swift keeps calling him over and over again. So harry answered he said leave me alone you fucking peasant please i'm trying to sleep. she  wouldn't leave him alone. so after he did that he got into bed with me and started making his move towards me. i was so happy! we ended up having making out romantically. it was like i was in a different world is was amazing! well we started stripping and it all happened it was like i was in heaven it all went by so quickly it was a amazing night. the next day we wake up. i head home and Taylor swift comes to his house shortly after i left. that afternoon harry called me and told me that Taylor swift had broken up with him and he asked me out on a date for next Saturday. i was freaking out!!!!!! But harry was still upset and harry hated her so much that he took his machete and chopped her head off and he laughed as she died. Then my life continues from there..........


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