Some Poems I Wrote at Vanderbilt Summer Academy

The title says it all. I wrote these at a Summer School at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and I want to share them with the world. :)


1. The Bully

I walked away from the scene of the crime;

I was scared, shivering, and crying like crazy;

The only thing that I had left was a dime.;

The memory was a little bit hazy.


The girl had told an adult what I had done;

I had never wanted it to end this way;

All I wanted to have was a little bit of fun;

This was definitely not my day.


My life at home is not the best,

So I needed to take my anger out on something;

I played her like a fiddle because I thought she could take a test,

But I guess she took it to heart when I told her she was nothing.


Well, now I am in trouble;

I wish I were still in my tiny, little bubble.

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