Some Poems I Wrote at Vanderbilt Summer Academy

The title says it all. I wrote these at a Summer School at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and I want to share them with the world. :)


8. Skateboard

The wheels turn around and around

Never breaking from the windows that the loafing people stand on

Because simply walking is too slow.


The snakes slither along side of you

To help you glide peacefully up the rubber ramp;

Making sure that you do not fall.


The boarders with the punked up DC’s

Walk you everyday and run out of breath;

They go faster and faster until

 Aphrodite comes and the rubber colors with red.


You stay in the garage alone, old, and broken,

Unmanned by your companion because the clouds have frozen;

The garage door will open up soon as long as your wheels stay whole

And your windows stay shattered.

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