Some Poems I Wrote at Vanderbilt Summer Academy

The title says it all. I wrote these at a Summer School at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and I want to share them with the world. :)


4. Oso

A poem to my very best friend,

The one that will be there to eternal end.


The one whom I love so much,

The one who has that special touch.


The one I trust my secrets to,

The one that always remained true.


The one I have known since I was born,

The one that has seen me mourn.


The one with whom I’ve shared so many laughs,

The one whose love is off the graphs.


The one who is with me when I sleep at nighttime,

The one who is at my side anytime.


The one who is my very best buddy,

The one who is there when I am feeling cruddy.


The one who has that never ending smile,

The one that shares my lifestyle.


The one who knows me inside and out,

The one I know everything about.


El uno que siempre sonrisa y me proteja.
(He is the one who is always smiling and protecting me)

El es mi vida.

(He is my life)




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