Beat of My Heart [Sequel to Irresistible]

Amber finally becomes a newborn vampire and experiences life an entirely different way. She immediately has these new cravings--blood. She becomes the thing that she never wanted to be in the first place, a monster. But unfortunately, Niall is unable to control her. Amber’s urges for more blood grows stronger, which leaves Niall to turn to the only person he thinks can help her. Louis. Will Amber hold on to the love she has for Niall, or leave her humanity behind and fall for someone new?


7. Secret's Out

As soon as the words had left his mouth, my heart completely sank. Why did he leave? Where would he even go? I wonder if this had anything to do with Isabelle. I sighed, it must be about her. She was his first love. I could never be her.

"Will you be okay?" Derek asked as I nodded, then stood up and left the park. What will I do now that he's gone? I must find him and tell him how I feel. With no hesitation, I left. I had to go find Louis to confront him about earlier.

Upon hours of searching, I decided to give up. Derek was obviously the last person who saw Louis. But of course, Lou left him no location. I gave up in New York when I sat down on the benches at Central Park. It was so beautiful in the summer, but fall would most likely be better.

I dare didn't let my mind go astray. Thoughts of Louis popped into my mind. The day we first met, the day he changed me. Those times I spent with Louis when I thought I had lost everything now meant the world to me.

I came to a realization that I didn't need Niall or Derek or even Kate in my life. I only needed them as friends, as people to look to when I need help. The other guys I see as my brothers. They were older than me, physically and mentally. They knew Louis better than I did.

Louis was different. I never saw him just as a friend, but more than that. Was it possible to meet someone who makes you feel... normal? It's funny to think about it, considering the fact that I am a vampire.

Whenever I was with Louis, I felt whole. It was as if the empty space created by the death of my parents and grandfather were filled. Apart of me was telling me not to feel anymore. It was as if I had lost all of my humanity when all I wanted was blood.

But a small part was telling me to hold on to that humanity just a little bit longer. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It was waiting for me to reach it, but as I moved closer and closer to that light, it moved farther away.

I admired the scenery at Central Park. I could hear the sounds of children's laughter filling the air, see couples walk hand in hand as they talk about their future together. I wanted to live the life they had.

Back when I was human, I wanted to find a man, marry him, have kids, and grow old. For as long as I have been alive, I wanted to feel loved. I wanted someone to care about me. I wanted to fall in love with the man of my dreams. But it seemed like all those dreams had disappeared.

Louis had never mentioned to me in the story, about himself, where he lived. It must be somewhere in the East Coast, or in England. A light bulb had turned on in my mind. Why hadn't I thought of this before?

I quickly went to the airport and asked for the next flight to the UK. The woman at the counter didn't hesitate to give me a ticket. I thanked her and ran through the terminal. After passing all of the security, I boarded the plane.


The plane landed at the airport in London. As soon as I exited the airport, the curbside was lined with black taxis waiting to pick up passengers. I would call for a taxi, but I had no idea where Louis stayed.

I got into the taxi and told the driver to take me to the nearest town. As he drove down the highway, I realized that I wasn't prepared for this trip at all but I was in a hurry. I apologized to the taxi driver about not paying him and he told me that it wasn't a problem. I cheated him a little by using the technique Louis had shown me.

I got out of the taxi and knocked on a nearby house to see if anyone knew who Louis Tomlinson was. After about fifteen minutes and twenty houses, one had told me the directions to Louis' house. I thanked the person and went back to the taxi.

I told the driver the directions and he drove to the house. The house was absolutely beautiful, but I wasn't there to look at the house. I got out of the taxi and told the driver he could leave. I walked up to the front door as the taxi drove away.

I reached my hand up to knock at the door and immediately the door opened. "I wasn't expecting you." A woman said. She was wearing a beautiful short black dress. The woman was beautiful. She had long black hair and bright blue eyes. It was the woman Louis described in his story. "I was expecting someone... else." she added.

"Are you Nora?" I asked her.

"How do you know me? I do not know you." Nora had an accent that sounded way older and refined. It was British though. "A friend had told me about you." I said.

"A friend you say? Well, who is this friend of yours?" she asked.

"Louis Tomlinson."

"Ah, I'm sorry but he is with a girl."

A girl appeared at the door beside Nora. She was about my height, same hair color, and hazel eyes. "Nora, who is this girl?" she asked, looking at me. "I'm Amber." I replied.

"Isabelle. It is a pleasure to meet you." Isabelle smiled.

The name was familiar. It immediately brought me back to the story of Louis' girlfriend. It couldn't be her. He never mentioned that she was still... alive. "I'm Louis' girlfriend." she added.

My heart had finally given up. Tears formed in my eyes and I couldn't face the both of them any longer. "I hope you and Louis live a happy life together." I told Isabelle before turning away from the door and made my way down the sidewalk.

A silhouette appeared on the street before me, walking towards my direction. It was Louis. I didn't want to speak to him after meeting Nora and Isabelle. "Amber," I heard he pause as I passed by him. "Wait, Amber!"

He grabbed my arm, stopping me in my tracks. It hurt, but the tears masked away the pain. "Why are you crying?" he asked. "Why are you even here?"

"You never told me she was alive." It was all I could muster from the information that processed through my mind. He looked at me, confused. "Don't lie to me Louis." I said.

He opened his mouth to speak and then quickly closed it. He released his grip, but I still didn't move an inch. "Yes, it is Isabelle. I had gone to Nora and asked her to change Isabelle for me. She did, but I wasn't able to see Isabelle.

"I didn't come here to stay away from you Amber. I came here-"

"To be with your girlfriend. I understand Louis. I get that she was your first love and she will always be your first." I interrupted him, then continued my way down the street. "She's not my first love. You are."

I stopped in mid-step when I turned around and faced him. "What?" I asked.

"I know you heard me. The reason why I came here was to tell Nora the truth. I was foolish to think that Isabelle and I could be together forever. Back then, I was childish and stubborn. When I met you, everything changed.

"Before Niall walked in, I wanted to tell you how I felt about you. My actions at Derek's party couldn't have made that night any worse. I couldn't sleep that night. I meant it when I said that you were my first love.

"The moment I laid eyes on you back in high school. I saw that you were with Niall and I decided to make a move on Kate, but I just couldn't seem to get along with her. She wasn't the kind of girl I liked.

"When I became a vampire, I discovered a whole different life. I saw things in a different perspective. I realized that I didn't want Isabelle and that I longed for someone else. I didn't think it'd take me over  a century to find that someone. You.

"I love you Amber. I know you may not love me back because you probably have feelings for Niall. Even then, I will wait for you." I listened to everything he had to say and as the tears rolled down my cheeks, I knew that I had fallen for him.

I had gained feelings for Louis. They were feelings I hardly knew existed. "Louis, I need to think about this. All of this, about Isabelle, I need a bit of space. I hope you understand that." I said. He looked at me and nodded. How could he seem so calm at a time like this?

I admired that he was so understanding and supportive, but I needed time to process all of the information that has been said to me. A taxi was waiting at the end of the street. I looked at Louis one last time before getting in.

I stayed at a hotel in London because I was tired from the trip. I sat in my room going over the words he had told me. Louis had loved me since the day we met each other. Of course back then, I was human and I only loved Niall. But why did I love Niall?

Niall was a sweet guy, but I could see a different side to him. His eyes had told me, during prom, that he had no care in the world when he killed all those innocent people. His eyes were cold. But even Louis, who had attacked at least a few of those people, didn't have the blood lust eyes.

Louis's eyes were more sincere and when he saved Kate from dying. I still couldn't believe that I'm such an idiot for leaving him on the street. I did need time to think. I didn't know how to face these feelings because somehow they were... amplified. But I had a task that needed to be done.

The task: Tell Louis how I feel.

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