Beat of My Heart [Sequel to Irresistible]

Amber finally becomes a newborn vampire and experiences life an entirely different way. She immediately has these new cravings--blood. She becomes the thing that she never wanted to be in the first place, a monster. But unfortunately, Niall is unable to control her. Amber’s urges for more blood grows stronger, which leaves Niall to turn to the only person he thinks can help her. Louis. Will Amber hold on to the love she has for Niall, or leave her humanity behind and fall for someone new?


8. "Have You Ever Been to Paris?"

Louis was still going to be in England for a few more days. That gave me enough time to see and talk to him about my feelings. I went down to the nearest restaurant down the street from the hotel and was shown to a table. I pulled out my phone and called Louis to tell him to meet me at the restaurant.

I had already ordered a drink when I saw Louis enter the restaurant. He walked towards my direction and sat down before me. He ordered himself a drink and we ordered some food. "So, why did you ask me to come here?" he asked.

"I thought about everything you said and I came to a realization that I'm in love with you Louis." I answered. Our food had been brought to us and I had said those words right before we started eating. I picked up my fork and began to eat my food. "What was holding you back from saying so?"

He looked at me with the same look he had before I walked away. In his eyes, I saw that he was sincere and concerned. It was his eyes that told me that he loved me even before he said the words. "I just felt the need to let go of my old life. I just couldn't hold onto it any longer." I answered.

"Amber, your humanity-"

"It doesn't matter any more. None of it matters Louis. What matters is that I'm here with you. I didn't fly all this way to just see you. I have nothing to live for. I have no other family to go home to. You gave me a reason to live when I thought that I couldn't go on.

"I had thoughts of killing myself in hopes of making everything better, but I didn't. Louis," I paused, placing a hand on his and caressed it gently. "I love you. I didn't realize it then because I was so caught up in being with Niall. You... you taught me to be myself and you've taken me for who I am.

"You love me, not because I'm a vampire or human, but for me. You saw that there was still hope for me. I want to be with you Louis. You and the rest of the guys are the only family that I've got. I want to see the world and experience life outside of the town I grew up in. I'd go anywhere with you." I said.

He looked down at where my hand was placed, then took my hand in his. "Are you sure about this?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

Louis' POV.

Her bright green eyes sparkled and her smile was surreal, but I believed her. I believed every single word that came out of her mouth. She was in love with me and I didn't have to try a single bit.

There was something about Amber that I loved. I wondered if it was her lively spirit or who she is as a person. The feel of her hand in mine had never felt so right. It was as if we were made to be together.

She did remind me of the old Isabelle. The Isabelle that loved life and had a free spirit. Sure I missed her, but that was in the past. Looking at Amber, all I could think about was a future with her. I smiled, "Have you ever been to Paris?"


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