Beat of My Heart [Sequel to Irresistible]

Amber finally becomes a newborn vampire and experiences life an entirely different way. She immediately has these new cravings--blood. She becomes the thing that she never wanted to be in the first place, a monster. But unfortunately, Niall is unable to control her. Amber’s urges for more blood grows stronger, which leaves Niall to turn to the only person he thinks can help her. Louis. Will Amber hold on to the love she has for Niall, or leave her humanity behind and fall for someone new?


1. A New Life

My eyes opened to a new world. Everything around me was the same, but different. I could smell things I haven’t smelled before and hear things that no human could hear. This power was amazing! I have never felt so alive in my entire life. I silently laughed to myself at the thought of being alive because I was already dead.

I had awoken in a room that wasn’t my own. It was large and red curtains hung from the rods to the floor. The bed was enormous. I sat up and placed my feet on the ground. “You’re awake.” I looked up and saw Niall leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest.

I smiled, then went up to him and kissed his lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt his arms wrap around my body. I felt a burning sensation in the back of my throat and pulled away from the kiss. I touched my throat and looked at him.

Without any words said between us, Niall took my hand and led me downstairs. It was as if he knew what I was trying to tell him. We went into the kitchen and he pulled out a bag of blood. I stared at that bag as he poured the blood into a glass, then handed the glass to me.

I happily drank the contents from the glass and held it out towards Niall’s direction. After about six or seven drinks, Niall was left with three empty bags and I was still hungry. “You’re still not satisfied?” he asked me, throwing the bags into the trashcan. “Just one more, please?” I begged him.

“Amber, at this rate, there’s not going to be any left for the rest of us.” he said. I had almost forgotten about the other guys--Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis. “I’m sorry.” I said, looking down. I almost felt guilty for drinking most of the blood bags. “I’m not mad at you.” He wrapped his arms around me, holding me close as I wrapped my arms around his waist.

“They were from my stock anyway. I’ll get more later.” he said.

“What should we do first?” I asked him with a smile, pulling away. “We can wait until the sun goes down before you go outside.” he said. I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest. It wasn’t fair that he and the guys could go outside while I had to stay inside until night came.

“That’s no fun.” I said.

Immediately I looked towards the direction of the front door and looked at Niall. “I invited Kate and Ashley over, if that’s okay with you.” he said, then went to answer the door. “You didn’t ask me.” I said, following him and stood by the staircase.

Apparently I had been staying at the mansion with the guys ever since I was turned. I wanted to go out and have fun, but Niall would never let me go out, even when it became dark. The door opened and the sunlight came through and I made sure to keep my distance.

“Hey Amber!” Kate smiled, walking up to me and gave me a hug. I smiled and hugged her back as Niall closed the doors after the girls entered. “We missed you.” Ashley said. I gave her a hug after pulling away from Kate.

“You guys saw me at graduation.” I said.

“That was like two months ago Amber.” Kate said. I rolled my eyes, but she was right. I haven’t seen my friends in two months. It was as if nothing had changed between us, except for the fact that I was a vampire and they were my human best friends.

“How’s the new life treating you?” Ashley asked.

I glanced over at Niall, then back at my friends. “I can’t go out in the daytime. It sucks.” I muttered under my breath. “So, where are the others?” Kate asked, looking around the room. “The guys are out doing their daily routine while I’m stuck here with the so-called baby sitter.” I answered.

“Don’t you mean baby-vamp sitter?” Ashley asked with a smirk. I smiled and let out a small laugh. “Niall knows I’m perfectly capable of handling myself around you two, so why can’t I go out and party?”

“You do know the risks that you’re taking once you step out of this house.” Niall said, knowing my question was directed towards him. I rolled my eyes and sat down on the steps. Maybe Louis can take me out tonight. I thought to myself as I rested my head in my hand, letting out a small sigh.

I heard the door open and my head perked up a bit to see Louis enter with the rest of the guys following behind him. "Hey Amber, we brought you a present." Louis walked up to me with a smile as I stood up.

His arm was behind his back and I held out my hand, but he shook his head. "Close your eyes." he smiled. I closed my eyes and felt a box being placed into my hand. I opened my eyes and opened the box. Inside was a beautiful necklace. "It's beautiful." I smiled.

"I hope you like it because it'll be the only piece of jewelry that you have to wear." he said. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Thank you. I love it." I told him, then pulled away and took the necklace out of the box. "Let me help you with that." he said, taking the necklace from me as I turned around while he put it around my neck.

"Now you can go and party with us." Harry said with a smile as I glanced down at the necklace. "She isn't going anywhere with you." Niall said. Shortly after, the guys were in an argument with each other. "I don't want to stay here all day." I said to Kate.

"We can hang at the mall." Kate smiled, taking my hand and led me outside. Ashley followed after us and we all got into Kate's car, driving down the street. "Thanks for saving my butt." I told her.

"Not a problem. It's what best friends do." Kate said.

We arrived at the mall and walked around, going in and out of the stores. "Do you know if there are any good parties downtown?" I asked Kate, looking through a rack of dresses. "No, but I heard Derek's in town and he's throwing some big beach party Saturday night." Kate said.

Just a year ago, I had met Derek at one of the parties someone was throwing and we ended up hanging at his house. He and I became really good friends until he had to go back to New York to finish college. "Derek's back?" I asked.

"Yeah, and he's inviting us. Are you in or not?" Ashley asked. I didn't want to break any rules that Niall had created for me, but half the time, I was hardly listening to him. "I am so in." I smiled, picking out a few dresses to try on.

When I finally made my selection, I bought the dress and Kate dropped me off at the mansion. I thanked the girls for a lovely day out and entered the mansion. "Where were you?" Niall asked.

"I was with Kate and Ashley. We just went to the mall." I answered.

"You could've put a lot of people at risk." he said.

"Niall, she just went out with her friends. It's not like she harmed anyone." Louis said.

"Why are you siding with her?" Niall asked.

"Babe, just let me go and have fun with my friends. I'm not going to hurt anyone." I told him. "I promise." He looked at me and sighed, but I knew he still didn't believe me. Some promises just had to be broken. "What's the dress for?" Harry asked.

"Oh, uhm, Kate told me Derek was back and-"

"Derek's back?" Niall asked as I nodded. "Yeah, he's having a beach party this Saturday. He invited Kate, Ashley, and I." I said.

"You're not going to the party." he said.

"Yes I am, and don't you try to stop me." I said, heading upstairs and slammed the door behind me. I was tired of Niall treating me like a baby. Sure, I was just made into a vampire a few weeks after graduation but that didn't mean I had to be told what to do.

I didn't care about Niall's stupid rules. I was going to make my own rules, and rule number one: I was going to that party whether he liked it or not.

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