5SOS Imagines

Imagines about the Australian boy band FIVE SECONDS OF SUMMER!!!


1. Ashton and Luke


One day you are were walking through the park, and you bumped into a cute boy. "Oh I am so sorry!" You say. "Oh it's okay" he replied smiling. "Hi, I'm Ashton" "I'm Y/N" you replied. "How about we grab some ice cream?" He suggests. "Sure!" You reply. And with that, you two walked off to the ice cream shop holding hands.




You were at the zoo with your little sister and she really wanted to see the penguins. You groaned because the penguins were all the way on the other side of the zoo and it was blazing hot outside. You started the long walk over to the birds. When you got there, your sister squealed and ran over to the tank. Next to her was a handsome boy who was staring happily at the birds. You snickered, and he looked over at you. "Erm, hi." He said. "The name's Luke, Luke Hemmings." You giggle and say "My name's Y/N. I am just guessing that you like penguins." He smiled and said "Yep! Your name is pretty, as pretty as a penguin." While indicating a baby penguin. You giggle, and Luke grabs your hand and asks if you want to go watch Happy Feet with him at his house. "Just let me drop my sister off with my mom and I'll meet you back here in a minute!" You say beaming. And that was the start of a wonderful relationship. <3



Sorry if the Ashton imagine was kinda short and lame. But hey, simple is sweet! ;)


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