Forever young

17 year old Izahbella runs away from her overly abusive and rapist dad and meets handsome young Niall and stays at his house an they fall in love


1. Running away

Izahbellas POV

"IZAHBELLA!" Shit! I'm supposed to be watching my three year old brother Derek who has down syndrome. "IZAHBELLA!" He sounded really pissed. "Come here now god damn it!" I slowly get up from painting my nails and slowly walked over to the living room where my dad was trembling at the thought of what he might do to me or make me do to him. "Y-yes d-dad?" I stuttered. "Tell me why the FUCK you arent keeping this retard out of my god damn way?" I looked over at Derek and saw him sitting there unknowing what was happening and playing happily with his Tickle Me Elmo doll. "I-I'm sorry it wont happen again." I sat down with Derek when my dad (Who I prefer to call him by his name Doug) got a smirk on his face and I started shaking even harder. "No no no, I have to go teach you a lesson in my room." I sheded a tear or two when I stood up to walk to his room. At this point I was on the verge of just breaking down into tears but god knows what he would do. We get into his room and he makes me take my shirt off. H knew I was hurt but he doesn't give a fuck. "Please." I said to him. The door bell rang and he jumped up. "Dont you dare make a single fucking move you little whore." Once he shut the door I remembered my hiden luggage my mum packed me when she ran away from my dad. I threw on my shirt and bra as fast as i could and I grabbed my luggage. I opened up my window to crawl on the balcony beside my room. I got over when I heared Doug yell. "You little fucking whore I told you not to make one fucking move!" "Once I get my hands on you, you will end up like your mum before that whore left!" I used the stares that are for the balcony down to the grownd. He saw me our eyes met I couldnt move. He yelled "Found you, you little whore!" He ran and thats when it triggered me to run just run dont care where I go just get away. I looked back and saw him he was a while back so I hid under a park slide. He ran right passed with a confused look on his face, he was wondering how I disapeared. He turned around and went home. Once he was out of sight I got up and kept walking. Maybe he saw me and was tricking me and was behind me somewhere. I ran and ran. I saw the bush but couldnt stop. I triped and fell on my arm. "Ah ouch!" A blond boy saw me and looked concerned. He started walking over. "Hey, are you alright there?" 

Nialls POV

Her beautiful blue eyes gazed up looking hurt and scared. "Um I-I don't know I just, oww, I tripped over that bush when I was running from my dad." I wanted to know why she was running away from her dad but it wasnt the right time. "Your arm looks alittle bent and out of place, do you want my mum to look at it?" She looked at me and I saw tears starting to form. She started balling and I had no idea why but I just wanted to hold her even though I know we only met, oh my got i just recited one of my songs. I gave her a hug but she backed away and I saw real fear in her eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to frighten you- um I'm sorry whats your name?" She looked in my eyes with those sad puppy dog eyes and said "Izahbella "Well Izahbella would you like to come over and have my mum look at your arm?" I hope she says yes I really want to get to know this beauty. "Oh I dont want to be a bother." Shes silly. "Your silly Izahbella my mum loves helping people." She looked at me and I saw a smile come across that sad puppy dog face. "Ok I guess but right after she sees whats wrong I'm walking to the hospital." Even sillier. "No no you cant walk across town alone what if something bad happens and thats not very gentleman like of me to let you walk when we have a perfectly good car to drive you in." I could not let her walk that far. "No no I cant bother your mu and make her drive me." "I insist." She looked at me and said "Ok, but one more thing I need from you." Me being willingly to help her said "Sure anything for a beauty like you." She giggled and said "I told you my name but never got one back." Oh my got I forgot to tell her my name. "Oh Im sorry my name is Niall."

Izahbellas POV

Niall was so sweet on the way to his house he asked me if I wanted to stay at his house for a while. Did he get a clue that I ran away? "No no I already feel bothersome." "My mum would love another girl in the house." "Where would I stay?" "In my room with me but not in the same bed I've got another bed in my room." Oh my god same room with a boy I just met? Good thing hes cute. I gave him a big hug. "Thank you Niall oh thank you thank you thank you!" He hugged back tight. "Your welcome Izahbella." He kissed my cheek it was weird cause I dont really know him but I like him alot. 

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