Change of Heart

AJ hates the Janoskians with a passion. She thinks they're stupid, immature, idiotic, and just plain rude. So what happens when her Chief Editor at Sugarscape assigns her to write an article about them after their first world tour? She does the job, of course, she is a professional after all. But what happens when the boys take an interest in her 'I hate everything' attitude, and get their management to offer her a job as their public relations manager? And what happens when she's forced to take the job? Will the boys give her a change of heart? Or better yet, will she change one of their hearts?


2. Stupid, stupid, stupid



(AJ's POV)


“So I put my hands up to play my song, the butterflies fly away”

“Hey AJ!” The mailboy called out to me as I bee-bopped down the corridor to my cubicle, headphones blasting as always. I threw up a wave at the cute blonde guy, who winked in return, making me roll my eyes and laugh.

“Nodding my head like yeah,”

“AJ! How’s it going?” I said nothing but gave Jeff, an intern, a high five as he passed me with his greeting.

“Movin’ my hips like yeah,”

“AJ. AJ, hello?” I blinked a few times as the office receptionist and my good friend Katie waved her hand in front of my face to stop my crazy dance-walking to my cubicle.

I stutter stepped, almost tripping over my own feet (typical) as I came to a stop. I grinned in embarrassment, lowering the hood of my jacket and taking out my headphones, letting them drape over my shoulder.

“Sorry Katie, what’s up?” I asked cheerfully, smoothing out my straight brown hair.

Katie laughed, leaning forward on her elbows, putting her chin in her hands. “So, how was the other night?” She asked.

Two nights ago, Katie had set me up on a blind date with her second cousin Jackson. Long story short, never go on a date with a guy whose first question is if you’ve ever had a threesome.

“Um, it was fine.” I lied, making Katie grin like a hyena. “But uh, I don't think he's my type.” I added, shrugging my shoulders.

Katie’s expression turned to that of disappointment, but she wasn't mad.

“Ugh, AJ, no one is ever your type these days.”

I laughed, putting my headphones back in my ears.

“It’s ‘cause none of ‘em can handle me!” I joked, stealing a mint from her desk and flouncing away as she chuckled.

“Oh by the way, Ruth wants to see you in her office ASAP!” Katie shouted after me, standing up and over her desk.

I threw a thumbs up behind me to let her know I heard her as I began to blast some Sleeping With Sirens in my ears.

Being a journalist with Sugarscape had loads of benefits, my personal favorite being able to listen to music pretty much all the time and not get in trouble. Of course there was also the casual dress code, meeting and interviewing celebrities regularly, going to concerts, etc. It was literally a dream job – my dream job.

I made my way to my homey little cubicle and shrugged off my backpack and tossed my phone and headphones on my desk, sighing. I took off my jacket to reveal my favorite Bangles tshirt. I was wearing that, along with some ripped skinny jeans and high top converse. Typical AJ outfit, put together at random and last minute, just the way I like it. And I always manage to pull it off fairly well.

I left my cubicle and started heading towards our Chief Editor Ruth’s office, waving and saying hello to some of my coworker on the way. I love everyone I work with, they’re the best.

As I walked the familiar route, I thought about how much my life had changed in the past 8 months. After high school graduation, I left my small town in Georgia for New York City, with $5000 in cash and a duffel bag of clothes. My parents hated me for leaving, but I couldn’t take one more second in that tiny little redneck town with no escape route. So I just left. I got a waitressing job in a hotel, rented a little shithole apartment, and made it by for about a month. But I still wanted something more, I was tired of just 'making it by'.

I’m obsessed with the entertainment industry, and have a passion for writing. So I applied to work at Sugarscape and they hired me on as an unpaid intern (I had no experience after all). It was great, I got along with everyone and they all loved the killer lattes I made.

Then one day, a writer called in sick, leaving no one to do an interview with a rather unknown, up and coming singer. Ruth was pissed, to say the least, and was trying to find someone to cover the interview and write up. I was on my way to take Katie an espresso and blueberry muffin, her usual, when Ruth took a glance at me and said, “Hey you, intern. Interview with that new kid, two minutes, conference room B. And I expect a half page write up on my desk tomorrow morning by 8 am sharp. Go!”

And I went. And I killed the interview, if I do say so myself. I was hired on full time after that, and everyone – especially Ruth – loved me.

I was doing what I loved, making good money, living in the best city on earth, and had no worries. Sure, there were things I wanted. A boyfriend, a better relationship with my parents, a new phone, etc. But I was the happiest I’d ever been.

But little did I know that was all about to change.

My whole life was about to change, actually.

I approached Ruth’s office door and rapped against it three quick times.

“Come in!”

I pushed open the heavy door, quietly shutting it behind me as I saw that Ruth was on the phone.

She held up a finger for me to wait a moment as she finished up her call. I walked over and sat down in one of the plush chairs across from her desk.

“Yes Remy I’m aware of that,” She spoke into the phone kindly but firmly, “No of course not I would never cut the article…How about this, since this was such a complication, how about I give your boys a three page spread…Yeah, I thought you’d like the sound of that…Oh don’t worry, I’ve got my best reporter on it,” She winked at me before laughing at the other end of the line, “Oh Remy, when have I ever let you down?...Alright hun, I’ll see you and those boys of yours in an hour…Okay, bye-bye.”

Ruth hung up with a heavy sigh, leaning forward on her desk and putting her face in her hands, groaning. It was quiet for a moment before I broke the silence.

“Now I know damn good and well that when you say you’ve got your best reporter on it, you’re talking about me. So what’s the scoop?”

Ruth lowered her hands and looked at me for a second before chuckling and leaning back in her chair, pushing her red hair behind her ears.

“Oh, AJ. Always the conceited one.”

I shrugged my shoulders and smirked.

“Eh, not conceited. Just confident.” I retorted.

Ruth grinned again, she always liked my attitude. But it didn’t last, her smile quickly disappearing and being replaced with a look of seriousness.

“How much do you love me AJ?”

I laughed. “Ruth what kind of question is that? You’re like a second mom to me, of course I love you.”

Ruth laughed and shook her head. “Is that your way of saying I’m old enough to be your mom?” Before I could say anything, she continued, “I’m just teasing. But my question wasn’t if you love me, it’s how much you love me.”

I thought for a moment. “I love you tons Ruth, you know I’d do anything for you.”

Ruth sighed and smiled. “Well try and remember that when I tell you who you’re interviewing today.”

I cocked my head to the side and chuckled. “Who is it?” I asked. “You said ‘boys’ on the phone, so I’m assuming it’s a group.”

Ruth nodded.

“Well I know One Direction is in France at the moment, so it can’t be them. Is it…Emblem 3?”

Ruth shook her head no.

“5 Seconds of Summer?”

Another no.

“Oh wait, they’re touring with One Direction. Um…Jedward?”


“Fuck, tell me it’s not The Wanted.”

Ruth laughed, but shook her head.

“Ruth if you say I’m interviewing Sleeping With Sirens or Pierce The Veil, I will scream in pure joy.”

Ruth laughed harder that time and said no.

“Dammit.” I cursed under my breath. “Well just tell me already! Whoever it is, I can handle it. You know I can, so just spit it out.”

Ruth sighed sadly, looking at me in pity. “Oh AJ. You’re going to hate me so much.”

Now I was really confused.

“Why would I hate you? I can’t think of a boyband that I don’t—“

“They’re not a boyband.” Ruth quickly interrupted.

My face screwed up in confusion.

“What?” I asked incredulously. “They’re not a boyband? But then what—“

I stopped myself.


It couldn’t be.

“Oh Ruth.” I started. “Oh Ruth, no, no, no. Please tell me it’s not them.”

Ruth look up at me sadly, nodding slightly to confirm my suspicions.

I groaned loudly and stood up, rubbing my temples and begging to pace.

This could not be happening. That stupid prank group? They’re just five annoying little twats that live on making everyone around them miserable!

“Ruth please don’t make me do this!” I pleaded, literally getting down on my knees in front of her. “Please, please, please, I’ll do anything – anything! You know how I feel about them, you know they drive me crazy, I—“

Ruth held up her hand to silence me.

“AJ. You’re doing this. The best reporters are the ones who are able to set aside all personal feelings and get the job done. And I just told the boys’ manager that my best reporter was on this task. Now are you my best reporter, or not?” She asked firmly.

I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I glanced back up at Ruth and saw her serious expression.

“Aw, damn. Fine! Fine, okay. I’ll interview those idiots if it makes you happy.” Ruth exhaled in relief and looked up at the ceiling. I rolled my eyes and stood up. “But I swear to God Ruth, if I kill them their blood is on your hands!” I shouted half-heartedly as I stormed out of the room in typical dramatic fashion.

“We’ve got insurance!” Ruth yelled back at me in jest as I closed the door.

I sighed heavily and leaned back against her office door.

Fuck. I was really going to have to do this.

I was going to interview those five Australian idiots, with their stupid pranks and their stupid accents and their stupid YouTube channel and their stupid autotuned songs.

Ugh. Stupid Janoskians.



Author's Note

Well hello lovelies, nice to see you again ;)

So this is just a new fanfic I'm trying out. I LOVE the Janoskians, they're like my whole world. This fanfic will be centered around all the boys, but the romantic aspect will revolve around Luke, just letting you know (even though you probably picked up on that if you read the prologue). And even though AJ will say mean things about the boys throughout the next few chapters, keep an open mind, because you're going to fall in love with her character, I PROMISE :)

Sorry the boys haven't come around yet, but they will in the next chapter. I'm really excited about this, and I hope you guys like the introduction so far.

Leave me comments, I need feedback! Suggestions, corrections, reviews, expectations, anything! And my name is Morgan, so call me out by name, I reply to everyone.

Share it with your friends and on any and all social networking sites! 

Much love <3

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