Change of Heart

AJ hates the Janoskians with a passion. She thinks they're stupid, immature, idiotic, and just plain rude. So what happens when her Chief Editor at Sugarscape assigns her to write an article about them after their first world tour? She does the job, of course, she is a professional after all. But what happens when the boys take an interest in her 'I hate everything' attitude, and get their management to offer her a job as their public relations manager? And what happens when she's forced to take the job? Will the boys give her a change of heart? Or better yet, will she change one of their hearts?


5. Stare Down


(AJ's POV)


**1 Week Later**

I sat in my first class seat for my flight to LA, waiting to leave the tarmac. I was early, of course, so the flight didn't actually leave for about ten more minutes. It was my first time being in first class though, and let me tell you, I kind of hoped this flight lasted longer than 5 hours.

Another reason I hoped this flight would last longer is so I could prolong the inevitable. And by that I mean seeing those idiots, The Janoskians.

I really want to hate Ruth for giving me this assignment, but I know I deserve it. I still  can't believe I lost my cool the way I did. I'm a professional writer after all. Yeah, I know I work for a goofy online entertainment magazine and I don't have a college degree, but I do consider myself a professional at the end of the day. I'm good at what I do, and I always keep my cool. 

So why did I flip out on that idiot, Luke?

He was the worst out of the five, that's for sure. My five minute first impressions were enough to tell me that, not to mention all the research I had to do for them. 

His twin, Jai, didn't seem so bad. He was on his phone the majority of the time I was with them, just keeping to himself. Whatever.

Then there was the one named Daniel. Or Skip. Or whatever he called himself, I don't know. He just seemed kind of dumb, sort of a go with the flow and not give a fuck kind of guy. Which was cool, I guess.

The one named James seemed like a big teddy bear, to be honest. He was an idiot like the rest of them, but honestly he seemed like he was the nicest.

Beau, the one who tried to shake my hand, well...he was probably the least annoying to me. Maybe it was his adorable laugh or the fact that he was hot as fuck. He sort of gave off the impression that he was the leader of their little posse, which made me question his sanity, but otherwise made him pretty cool. I did however only talk to him for five minutes, so who knows what he's really like. I'll be finding out though, that's for sure.

Then there was Luke. Just thinking about that little shithead made my blood boil. He thinks that he can talk to me the way that he did? To me? I've been treated like shit my entire life by the people who were supposed to love me, so I'll be damned if a stranger treats me that way. I don't care if you are a 'Janoskian'.

But...he was pretty hot, I'll admit.

That whole ruggedly handsome thing? Yeah that's a major turn on for me. That, combined with his tattoos and his lip and nose piercings I Like, wow.

I shook my head, bringing my subconscious out of those dirty thoughts.

No AJ! We hate him! We hate all of them and their stupid videos! No fantasizing!

I sighed and leaned my head back against the seat. Instead of thinking about those five idiots that I would be spending the next fifteen weeks with, I just focused on the music blasting through my headphones. Fighting The Villain, to be exact.

A few minutes passed of me just drifting off in my own little world, when suddenly I got the strangest feeling that someone was staring at me. I ignored it though, keeping my eyes shut.

Then the feeling intensified.

Almost as if they were...right in front of me...

"Agh!" I screamed when I opened my eyes and saw a pair of blue-green eyes just inches away from mine, staring at me.

I jumped in my seat, unintentionally headbutting the stranger.

"Ow! Fuck!" An Australian accent said as a bunch of laughter erupted from around me.

Wait, Australian?

Oh god. That can only mean--

"That's what you get for being a creeper you dickhead!" A voice yelled right in my ear. I flinched, taking out my headphones and turning to see that it was Daniel, leaning over the seat beside me and yelling at Beau, who was leaning over the seat in front of me, where he had been staring.

Glancing around, I saw that James and Daniel were sitting in the two seats behind me, Jai and Beau were in the two seats in front of me, which meant...

"Luke you cunt, sit down!"

Jai said from his seat. I looked up and saw that Luke was standing in the aisle, looking down at the empty seat beside me with a scowl on his face.

Just as he was about to say something though (probably a bitchy remark), Beau groaned, still leaning over the back of his seat towards me.

"Fuck AJ, you've got a really hard head." He groaned, rubbing his forehead where we had collided. I had to admit, my head was still pounding a little bit too. But I wasn't one to show pain. Of any kind.

I scoffed. "You're the one that scared the hell out of me!" I thought for a moment. "Wait. What the fuck are you guys doing on my flight?" I asked sharply.

Jai laughed. "Your flight?"

"AJ, we're both going to the same place. And you're part of the team now so don't you think we would be on the same plane?" James asked from behind me.

I thought for a moment before rolling my eyes and crossing my arms. "Yeah I guess you're right. Where's the rest of your team?" I asked rudely.

"Ronnie and Remy and are in the middle aisle, up front, and a few of the others are with them." Daniel answered me. "But we asked for our seats to be with you so we could get to know you better!"

"I didn't ask for shit." Luke said bluntly. 

I took a deep breath of annoyance before looking up at him. The idiot was still standing in the aisle, clad in dark jeans and a green concert tee, refusing to sit down next to me. He looked pissed.

Pissed and hot.

"I'm not gonna fucking sit next to her, she'll probably shank me or something!" He said in a whiny tone.

I chuckled darkly. "Don't give me any ideas, Piercings Boy." I muttered. He rolled his eyes.

"Don't call me Piercings Boy, I--"

"Excuse me, sir?" A flight attendant's voice asked, showing up out of seemingly nowhere. She was young and pretty, wearing a short skirt with one too many of the top buttons of her uniform undone. "I'm afraid you're going to have to sit down, we'll be taking off shortly." 

Luke looked at the attendant, immediately scanning her curvy body up and down. I scoffed. What a pig.

"Yeah of course, but is there anywhere else I can sit? I'm first class, I've got my ticket right here love." He said with a smile and a sickeningly sweet voice, trying to charm her. So pathetic.

"I'm sorry sir but all the other seats in first class are taken. You can switch with someone in your group if you'd like, but I need you to take a seat now." She said politely.

Luke glanced at the other boys desperately, but they all shook their heads. I sighed in annoyance and turned my head to face the window. These guys were real jackasses. Did they want their best friend to get punched? I wouldn't put it past them.

I heard Luke cuss under his breath, plopping down in the seat beside me.

"You guys are real bitches." He said to his friends.

They all just laughed at his (and my) misery.

"Oh come on Luke, you two need to get along! Whether you like it or not she's part of the family now."

"No! She's not! You have to earn your place in this family, and she hasn't done that at all! So don't try to--"

"Oh shut the fuck up, I'm sitting right here." I interrupted monotonally, turning to face Luke. All the boys' eyes were trained on me, including Luke, who actually looked slightly surprised at my outburst. I didn't yell though, I was quite calm actually. "Stop worrying, I don't want to be part of your little 'family' or whatever. I'm doing an assignment so I don't get fired, that's all. Just, don't bother me for the next three months, and I won't bother you. Okay?"

Luke looked quite stunned for a moment, and I can't blame him. I really wanted to yell and cuss him out for talking shit about me when I was sitting right beside him, but we were on an airplane so it wasn't really an appropriate time and place.

"A-Alright, fine." Luke stuttered out.

He stuttered? Did I make him...nervous? Or was he just surprised at my proposition?

"I won't fuck with you anymore, but you also have to not talk shit about us to our faces or behind our backs while you're with us." Luke continued, more confident. "You don't have to like us or like what we do, but you do need to keep your thoughts to yourself."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Fine."

"Fine." He bit back, looking me in the eyes, trying to stare me down.

Ha, poor kid. He had no idea what he was getting into. I never lose a stare down. Never.

The seconds passed and I felt the eyes of the four other boys looking back and forth between us, seeing who would be the first to back down. Well it wasn't going to be me.

As we glared at each other, I started to notice that Luke had really amazing eyes. They were brown, but the light hit them a certain way that I could see little flecks of green in them too, hardly noticeable. They were beautiful, and now I couldn't look away from them even if I wanted to. They were eyes that I could just get lost in, and--

"Ugh!" Luke shouted, throwing his hands up in the air and facing the front of the plane.

I jumped, gasping at his outburst and coming out of my own little world. Oh god, I was just lost in Luke Brooks' eyes. Luke Brooks, from the Janoskians. This was not acceptable.

I put on my hard face again, pretending to be smug about 'winning' the stare down, when really I was just upset that he looked away.

The other boys were laughing at Luke's temper, calling him a wuss and some other names.

"Damn AJ, Luke never loses a staring contest. Nice job." Beau said to me with a smile and I managed to smile back before looking out the window and turning my music back on.

But this time, I couldn't quite lose myself in the sound like before. I was too busy thinking about the eyes of the boy next to me.

This was going to be a long flight.

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