Change of Heart

AJ hates the Janoskians with a passion. She thinks they're stupid, immature, idiotic, and just plain rude. So what happens when her Chief Editor at Sugarscape assigns her to write an article about them after their first world tour? She does the job, of course, she is a professional after all. But what happens when the boys take an interest in her 'I hate everything' attitude, and get their management to offer her a job as their public relations manager? And what happens when she's forced to take the job? Will the boys give her a change of heart? Or better yet, will she change one of their hearts?


6. Questions


(Luke's POV)


About thirty minutes later, we were up in the air and I was still bitter about having to sit next to AJ. James and Daniel were passed out on one another behind me and AJ, and Jai and Beau were talking in front of us. Not that I give a fuck, because I'm still pissed at them for not switching seats with me before takeoff.

I rolled my eyes and leaned back in my seat when I saw Jai looking over the back of his seat snickering at me.

"Oh what the fuck are you laughing at?" I asked sharply.

Jai just laughed, and Beau turned around to look at me too, smirking.

"You're such a little shit Luke." Jai said. "If I were sitting next to a girl as hot and feisty as AJ, I wouldn't be complaining."

We were able to talk about her when she was sitting right there because her music was on so damn loud, and she looked like she was asleep too.

"Yeah really, you need to quit being a pussy." Beau weighed in.

I just rolled my eyes. They didn't get it. Yeah, AJ was hot, but she disrespected me and my brothers. And that includes James and Daniel, they're my brothers too. Family means everything to me, and I don't take it lightly when someone basically tells us were low lives right to our faces. Not to mention she said we didn't care about our fans, which is complete shit - our fans mean everything to us.

"Oh fuck off, just leave me alone." I muttered, crossing my arms and looking around.

I heard Beau sigh dramatically, and when I looked back at him, he was tapping AJ's leg.

"What are you doing?" I hissed.

"I'm waking her up, what the fuck does it look like?" He said incredulously.

"Don't do that, she'll--"

"Ungh, leave me alone." AJ muttered under her breath sleepily.

I looked at her then as she was opening her eyes to see what was going on and damn if she wasn't the cutest thing ever. She was blinking her eyes real quick and taking in a deep breath, stretching her arms out. Even if she was annoying as hell, she was beautiful. Not just hot, but really beautiful.

"AJ, we got seats with you so we could get to know you, and all we know so far is that you play your music really loud." Beau whined, pouting his bottom lip.

I rolled my eyes at him. He was trying to be all cutesy and shit with her, probably because he wanted to fuck her. I swear though if he even tried to sleep with her I wouldn't hesitate to beat the hell out of him and--

Wait, what?

Why do I care if Beau wants to have sex with AJ? I don't even know her, let alone care who she sleeps with. 

Yeah, I don't care.

Don't I?

AJ sighed and rubbed her eyes, taking off her headphones and letting them hang around her neck. 

"Alright fine." She said with feigned interest. "Whatdya wanna know?"

"Hmmm..." Jai started, tapping his chin as he thought. "How old are you?"

"I turned nineteen last month." She said in a monotone. 

So she was older than me. Not that it really matters if a girl is older than me or not, but it was still good to know.

Wait, I don't care. Dammit, I keep forgetting.

"How did you get a job at Sugarscape at just nineteen? Are you taking uni online or something?" Beau asked.

AJ shrugged, running her fingers through her hair. 

"Nah, no uni for me. At least not now. I was an intern there after moving to NYC from Georgia, and I got put on an assignment one day as a last resort, and they've kept me on full time ever since."

"So you're a pretty good writer then?" Jai asked with his stupid little sloth smile.

"Yeah, I am." AJ said confidently.

I liked that, her confidence. She wasn't conceited, but I could tell she was proud of herself for her achievements. Which she had every right to be, to be a full time writer at just nineteen for a well known entertainment magazine, I mean that's--

Luke, you hate her! Stop!

"Boyfriend?" Beau asked with a waggle of his eyebrows.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes, of course he would ask that question. AJ turned to face me and narrowed her eyes at me but I just shrugged and pretended to look at my phone. I heard her sigh, turning back towards Beau.

"No, I don't have a boyfriend." She said politely. 

"Well I find that hard to believe, I mean a girl as beautiful and nice as you? That's crazy! I mean if I saw you on the street or something, I wouldn't be able to resist trying to get you to fall for me, or just make you smile." Beau said, doing his best to be all charming. I had to repress a laugh, he was trying way too hard.

"Awww." AJ cooed in typical girl fashion, smiling at him and being all googly eyes.

Of course she would fall for his tricks. Such a--

"That's such a pile of horse shit, but I appreciate the effort. Gold star for trying." She suddenly added in an equally girly tone of voice, pretending to put a golden sticker on Beau's forehead by pressing the pad of her thumb against it.

Jai and I burst out laughing, pointing at Beau whose jaw was slack in disbelief. He wasn't used to girls calling him out on his lame lines.

I glanced at AJ and saw her smirking at Beau, pretending to blow him a kiss. She was sassy and sarcastic, that's for sure. And it was obvious that she couldn't exactly be wooed with corny lines or sultry stares. She was...real.

Once our laughter died down, having earned a few glares from other first class passengers (typical, for us), AJ turned to me, the smile on her face disappearing.

"What about you?" She asked sharply, my eyebrows shooting up at her tone. "Got any questions for me?"

I narrowed my eyes and thought for a moment. I had a million questions for her, honestly. 

Why are you so bitter?

What did we do to make you hate us?

Where's your family?

Is there any way we can make you not hate us?

Who screwed you over so bad that you seem to dislike everyone yet you're a nice person at the same time, which is weird?

Yet the only question I could articulate was...

"What does AJ stand for?"

Good one, Luke. Real smooth.

She visibly tensed when I asked her, but relaxed just seconds later. She laughed weakly and looked out the window for a moment before turning back to me with a meek expression.

"Ask me that another time, and I might tell you." She said simply.

I looked at her for a moment before nodding my head once and looking back at my phone.

Weird answer, don't really get why she can't just tell me, but whatever. At least she didn't scream at me or cuss me. That's progress.

"Hey do you have a twitter?" Beau finally asked, pulling his phone out as well.

"Yeah. It's @AJ_Fuentes." She replied.

"Fuentes?" Jai asked, typing in her username to follow her as well.

I pulled out my phone as well, I guess I would follow her too, I mean just to be polite. Not so I could stalk her tweets or anything...of course not...

"Yeah, Fuentes. F-U-E-N-T-E-S." She affirmed, spelling it out.

"Is that your last name?" Beau asked, looking up at her.

AJ's jaw dropped and she looked at him with a blank expression.

"Are you serious?" She asked in disbelief. "No, that's not my last name! You've never heard of the Fuentes brothers? Mike and Vic? From Pierce the Veil?"

Jai and Beau looked at each other and then at me before finally shaking their heads no.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Have you guys been living under a rock?!" AJ shrieked, earning herself several rude looks from other passengers.

"Woah, chill! Are they like, actors, or from a band, or--"

"Pierce the Veil is one of the greatest bands of all time and I'm going to marry Mike Fuentes if it's the last thing I ever do!" She interrupted, totally serious and dedicated to this band. 

I couldn't help but chuckle. So she was a fangirl on some level. I couldn't help but find that attractive; at least she has a heart for something.

Beau was laughing at her. "You talk about him like he's Harry Styles or--"

"Oh I've met Harry Styles, he's amazing but he's got nothing on Mike--"

"You've met Harry Styles?!" All three of us shouted over her, not quite at once but all yelling.

Several people shh'd us, but we didn't care. She's met Harry fucking Styles? We haven't even met One Direction!

She laughed at our reaction. 

"Uh, yeah. I've met One Direction twice actually. Super nice dudes, they're the best." She said nonchalantly, like it was no big deal she had met and interviewed the biggest boyband on the planet who are coincidentally our idols.

"Oh my god can you like, introduce them to us?" Beau asked all giddy, he was a bigger fan than the rest of us. He might as well be a fucking fangirl. Well, I can't really say anything, I love Justin Bieber. No shame.

AJ laughed at his reaction, throwing her head back and letting her long dark hair cascade over her shoulders. God, she was beautiful.

This time, I didn't even try to fight the thought.

I couldn't help it. I was starting to get feelings for our sassy, bitter, feisty public relations manager, who hated our guts.

This couldn't turn out well...



Author's Note:

Oh god, this is a filler guys, ew I'm sorry. 

But I hope this kind of gave you an insight into what Luke is feeling. Don't worry, I know they aren't really interacting much but they will soon, I promise!

So who do you ship? Beau and AJ or AJ and Luke? Beau is obviously interested, what do you think he will do?

Anyhow, sorry again if this wasn't too interesting, it's been a really long day and university is kicking my butt. 

Comment, fav, like, whatever floats your boat! Love you all! 

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