Change of Heart

AJ hates the Janoskians with a passion. She thinks they're stupid, immature, idiotic, and just plain rude. So what happens when her Chief Editor at Sugarscape assigns her to write an article about them after their first world tour? She does the job, of course, she is a professional after all. But what happens when the boys take an interest in her 'I hate everything' attitude, and get their management to offer her a job as their public relations manager? And what happens when she's forced to take the job? Will the boys give her a change of heart? Or better yet, will she change one of their hearts?


4. Punishment for AJ


Author's Note:

YES I KNOW IT'S BEEN 324374 YEARS SINCE I UPDATED AND I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY. I SUCK AT LIFE. But here's the deal, I've had lots of family issues that I'm not going to burden you guys with, not to mention that I just started university and I'm so stressed it's unreal. But that still doesn't make it fair to you guys that it's taken me so long to update, so I sincerely apologize. Leave me a nasty comment below if you're pissed at me, I will completely understand. 

Hope you enjoy the chapter and sorry again for the long wait, it won't happen again!


(AJ's POV)

"I am SO disappointed in you AJ. I honestly hoped that you would be professional with those boys, but you showed me differently. I can't believe you spoke to them that way! Do you not realize that your irrational actions reflect badly on this entire company?!" Ruth said angrily, standing up over her desk, glaring at me as I cowered in my chair, looking down at my lap shamefully.

"I'm so sorry Ruth, I didn't mean for things to get that out of hand! You have to believe me, I--"

"Save it." Ruth cut me off with a wave of her hand, sitting down in her seat and taking a deep breath.

I felt absolutely horrible, seeing Ruth so upset with me. She was my only real influence since I moved to New York, and it broke my heart that I had disappointed her. All the anger I had previously over those stupid boys meant nothing right now. All that mattered was showing Ruth how sorry I truly was.

A tense and awkward silence overcame Ruth's office for a moment.

"Ruth, I--"

"I should fire you." She interrupted, looking up at me with a harsh glare. "I should kick your ass out of this building and tell you to never come back for making a mockery of Sugarscape."

I flinched as if I had been slapped. Sugarscape was my only home, now I might get fired?!

"No, no, Ruth please no, I'll do anything please don't fire me!" I begged, leaning forward in my chair and shamelessly letting the tears stream down my face.

Ruth rubbed her temples and put her elbows on her desk. 

"Calm down AJ, I'm not going to fire you." She said with a sigh.

I let out a shaky breath of relief and put my face in my hands, thanking God and the Universe for showing me some mercy.

"I am, however, so pissed at you that I'm going to punish you."

I looked up slowly, my tears having dried and stained my cheeks.

"Huh?" I asked, wondering what in the world she meant by that.

Ruth nodded. "Yes. I have a job lined up, a travelling job, for the next three and a half months. I was going to give it to Tonya--"

I scoffed. Tonya is a shit writer.

"--but now I'm going to give it to you." She said with finality.

I cocked my head to the side.

"Um, not to be a dick Ruth, but how is that a punishment? I've been asking for a travelling assignment for months...?" I trailed off, being cautious of how I phrased my question, not wanting to piss her off any more.

Ruth gave me a wicked grin, she was having fun with this. 

She ignored my question and continued. "The job is in LA,"

I squealed when she said that, but quickly covered my mouth because this was supposed to be a punishment even though it's always been my dream to go to LA.

"And you will have a fully furnished apartment, rent paid by us, which you will move into in a week's time." She continued.

I bit down on my hand to keep from squealing again because this 'punishment' was sounding like the best thing ever at this point.

Ruth smirked at my reaction and I willed myself to lower my hand and calmly collect myself before speaking.

"And uh, w-what exactly is the assignment?" I asked shakily, still trying to grasp that I was moving to LA for over three months. One of the hugest cities for the entertainment industry!

Ruth grinned wickedly and leaned back in her chair.

"Oh that's the best part AJ." She said sickeningly sweet.

The smile on Ruth's face disappeared as she said the worst thing I could have possibly imagined.

"You're going to move to LA to work for the Janoskians."



(Luke's POV)

"I wonder what that boss lady said to Remy." Beau said to no one in particular as we chilled out in the conference room where that AJ chick had been interviewing us before her boss pulled her out about twenty minutes ago.

What kind of girl is named AJ anyways, that's a stupid name.

But back to the point, as that AJ girl was getting pulled from the interview, our manager Remy came in and asked us what happened, saying he would speak to that boss woman about it shortly.

We basically told Remy that the chick was a bitch. 

Okay, maybe only I said that. The other boys said nothing but nice things, that she was hot, that they liked that she didn't take my shit and stood up to me, and blah blah blah. I couldn't believe it, they were saying it was 'cool as fuck' (Beau's words) that she got up in my face and told me off.

Yeah, some brother he is.

So then after Remy went to talk to AJ's boss to decide how they would handle it, the boys and I just hung out in the conference room, chilling. We all talked about how stoked we were to be moving to LA next week. It was going to be weird not living in Australia with our families, but  I mean fuck, it's LA and it'll just be us five living on our own, fucking shit up! I couldn't wait.

"I hope that girl doesn't get fired." James muttered, not even looking up from his phone.

I scoffed. "I hope she does!"

Everyone looked up at me and I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Dude you're an ass." Jai mumbled under his breath.

"What?" I asked incredulously.

My twin brother looked at me like I was an idiot. "You don't fucking yell at a girl like that dude. You made us seem stupid and ignorant, like she already thinks we are. Not to mention if any of that footage gets leaked, it'll make us all look like shit."

I thought for a moment. Fuck, he was right. I shouldn't have yelled at her like that, even if she was being a bitch. I should've kept my cool and just let it roll off my back like I do all the other comments and shade people throw my way. Why was this girl so different?

Before I could say anything in return, Remy walked in with a smile on his face. We all looked up at him and he clapped his hands together, taking a breath before speaking.

"So, I got that footage taken care of, nothing to worry about there, and you guys will be coming back tomorrow to do another interview with a different reporter. I have some big news though and it's--"

"Did AJ get fired?" Beau interrupted quickly, leaning forward against the table.

I looked at him and furrowed my brow. Why was he so interested in her well being?

"AJ? Oh, the interviewer, no she didn't get fired. Actually, she's part of the big news I have to tell you guys!"

What? What does AJ have to do with us anymore now? We're the fucking Janoskians and she got caught yelling in my face, we shouldn't have to see her face ever again!

"Next week, when you guys move to LA, you will be getting another team member. A public relations manager, to be exact. Since you guys are getting so much more recognition in the media now, you need someone to make sure you guys don't go too overboard and get yourselves in a heap of trouble with your fans. And your PR is actually going to be--"

"Me." A familiar, bored voice said from behind Remy.

Remy moved to the side and I blanched when I saw who it was. AJ was leaning against the doorframe looking exhausted and annoyed, and her makeup was smeared as if she had been...crying?

But wait, what did she just say?

"Excuse me?" I asked bluntly, giving her a disgusted look which she returned almost immediately.

"You heard me, Piercings Boy." She said with an attitude. 

Piercings Boy?

"I'm your new public relations manager for the next three and a half months. So we're going to be seeing a lot of each other. Get used to it."

And with that, she glanced at the other boys briefly before turning on her heel and stalking away.

The boys and I were stunned, looking around at each other. A second or two of silence passed and Beau broke out into a huge grin.

"Fuck yeah boys, we got a girl on the team!" He shouted, reaching over to high five Daniel.

"And a hot one at that!" Daniel yelled back.

James and Jai smiled and nodded too, seemingly happy with everything.

Everyone was happy that this 'intriguing' girl that was going to LA with us for almost four months.

Everyone that is, except me.



Author's Note:

Hmmmm wonder what's going to happen when they move to LA...we'll have to wait and see! Not long though, not long at all compared to how long I've had you guys waiting thus far!

Again, I suck at life.

Please comment below, give me criticism or suggestions, or whatever you like! 

Love you all, please forgive my long absence, it won't happen again! 

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