Change of Heart

AJ hates the Janoskians with a passion. She thinks they're stupid, immature, idiotic, and just plain rude. So what happens when her Chief Editor at Sugarscape assigns her to write an article about them after their first world tour? She does the job, of course, she is a professional after all. But what happens when the boys take an interest in her 'I hate everything' attitude, and get their management to offer her a job as their public relations manager? And what happens when she's forced to take the job? Will the boys give her a change of heart? Or better yet, will she change one of their hearts?


3. 'Menaces to Society'


Almost an hour later, I was sitting in front of my computer, absolutely fuming. As always, I had to do research before going into an interview. And since I was interviewing those stupid Janoskians, I had been watching some of their idiotic videos, stalking through their twitters, and checking out some of their fans' accounts.

These guys are insane! They have absolutely no sense of self preservation, and they do the craziest and most embarrassing stunts. I hadn't looked in a mirror but I would bet anything my cheeks were red as tomatoes just watching them.

Suddenly my phone buzzed beside me just as I was reading a very sexual tweet directed towards the one named Daniel from one of their fans. I jumped at the sound and sighed, relieved that I had a distraction.

I picked up my phone and saw that Katie had texted me, letting me know that my 'super attractive special guests' were here.

I rolled my eyes and texted her back saying I would be there shortly. I logged out of my computer and stood up, stretching and popping my back. I glanced in the small circular mirror I had hung up in my cubicle and sighed. My hair had lost some of its volume from me running my fingers through it in frustration, but oh well. It's not like I wanted to impress these jerks anyways.

I grabbed my notepad and favorite pen and begrudgingly started heading towards the interview room. 

This time, as I walked past my coworkers, there were no high fives or 'what's up's. I was pissed, and I was annoyed, and everyone could tell.

It was a well known fact within the office that I despised the Janoskians. When they first started their rise to fame, and all the fangirls we write for started requesting articles, I realized just how much I disliked them. They were rude, arrogant, and disrespectful. And I refused to even acknowledge them as actual celebrities. 

As I passed Katie's desk, I glanced at her and she shot back a look of sympathy. I gave her a weak smile back and continued towards the interview room. 

I could already hear their self absorbed laughter as I neared the room. I rolled my eyes as I heard one of them say, "I hope this chick is hot" in his stupid Australian accent. 

I took a deep breath and shook my head. I needed to focus, and be professional, no matter how much I dislike them. 

Once I felt like my head was clear enough, I stepped into the room to interview the boys I didn't even know, but hated with a passion.


(Luke's POV)

"Oh my God, how long do we have to be here?" Beau whined, leaning back in his swivel chair and spinning around.

"Shut up and quit complaining, faggot." Skip bit back, throwing a pencil at him that had been left on the table we were all sitting around.

"Fuck you Daniel!" Beau yelled back, chucking the pencil at his head.

Skip just managed to dodge the pencil and flipped Beau off, both of them laughing. I looked around and saw that Jai and James were both texting, probably their girlfriends, while Beau and Skip kept bitching at each other.

Then there was me, Luke. I kinda felt out of the loop at that moment, just sort of there. I got this feeling every now and then, like I was the one in the group that was always the odd guy out. Not that I didn't love my mates and they didn't love me, especially my brothers. But I don't know, those insecurities just get to me a lot.

God I sound like such a little bitch. But I can't help it, I'm so used to being the loner. Growing up it was usually just me and Jai and Beau looking out for each other. Now Jai has his girlfriend Ariana, Beau is better friends with Daniel than the rest of us, and then there's me. Maybe I am being a little bitch, but I can't help but feel this way.

"Hey did Remy say who was interviewing us?" James suddenly asked, looking up from his phone.

"No, but I think it's a girl." I replied, propping my feet up on the table in front of me. "That receptionist lady said she'll be with you shortly."

"Oh yeah that's right." Daniel said, leaning back and putting his hands behind his head. "I hope this chick's hot."

Beau snorted. "You hope every chick is hot Daniel." 

"As if you don't!" 

Before Daniel and Beau could get into it again, someone cleared their throat from the doorway. I looked over my shoulder and almost choked on air.

The girl standing their was fucking drop dead gorgeous. She had long straight brown hair, parted way off to the side. She was wearing ripped skinny jeans and a Bangles tshirt with a loose jacket. She had on high top converse and some random necklaces on too. She didn't even look like she was wearing much makeup either, which was really surprising. Usually our interviewers got all dressed up trying to impress us or something, but this girl didn't seem like that at all. She seemed...real.

I looked back up at her face and saw that she had a really professional look on her face, but her green eyes had a twinge of...annoyance?

"Hello boys, my name is AJ and I'll be interviewing you today." She said seriously, walking to the corner of the room and turning on a camera that was sitting on a tripod. 

I watched her walk, her entire body swaying with confidence. The other boys were watching her too.

"Hi AJ, it's nice to meet you." Beau said, standing up in his chair and sticking out his hand across the table for her to shake.

The girl, AJ, stopped as she saw his gesture and looked down at his hand like it was poison or something. Without a word, she gave him a forced smile and reached out to shake his hand, pulling away quickly. Jai and Daniel snickered while Beau just looked confused, sitting back down.

AJ walked to the open seat at the front of the table, which just so happened to be by me. 

"Hey what does AJ stand for?" Skip suddenly asked.

"Yeah, and how old are you?" James jumped in. "You look like, our age."

"How long have been working--"

"First of all, let me get something straight." She interrupted in a serious tone, putting her hands on the table and taking a deep breath. The boys were surprised, so they kept their mouth shut. "This interview is going to be professional. I will ask you questions, you will answer in a mature manner and you will not screw with me, do you understand? I've seen some of your interviews in the past, and I don't roll that way. Got it?"

All of us were quiet, taken aback by this chick. 

"Look we just wanna have some fun." I finally said, making her look at me. "We don't mean any harm, we're just fucking around."

The girl chuckled sarcastically. "I'm sure you don't mean any harm, but that really doesn't matter, because we're still going to play by my rules in this interview okay? And get your damn feet off of my interview table."

My jaw dropped at her audacity and Beau laughed.

"You heard her, get your feet off her table!" Jai yelled.

I flipped him off, but put my feet down anyways.

This girl might be hot, but she sure is coming off as a bitch. Just my luck.

"Okay moving on." AJ said, looking down at her notepad. "How about you guys go around the table and introduce yourself. Starting with you." She gestured to Daniel, who was on the other side of her.

"I'm Daniel, but you can call me Skip."

Next was Beau.

"I'm Beau, but you can call me anything you want beautiful." He said with a wink.

Us boys started to laugh but AJ just rolled her eyes in irritation and turned to Jai.

"I'm Jai." He said.

Next was James, then there was me.

AJ turned and looked at me with a semi-bored expression and I just looked right back, not saying anything. This girl wanted to act like a bitch? Well two could play at that game.

So with a smirk, I leaned back in my chair yet again and very deliberately put my feet back up on the table, crossing my ankles. 

"Hi." I said cockily. "My name's Luke."

AJ's eyes fumed, and I could tell she was clenching her jaw. The boys started to chuckle and mutter around us.

"Little cunt." James said, elbowing me in the side. I ignored him.

After a few tense seconds of a stareoff, AJ finally sighed and shook her head looking at the other boys. My smirk got even bigger.

This interview was going to be fun.



(AJ's POV)

I hadn't even been with these idiots for five minutes and they were already pissing me off. Especially the douchebag beside me, Luke. He was a cocky little shithead, with his piercings and tattoos, and the bleached streak in his hair. These guys aren't even real celebrities yet they think they're hot shit.

Well everyone else in this business always let's these jackasses push them around with their immature ways, but not me. Oh no. AJ Crenshaw doesn't take shit from anyone.

"Okay so let me get this straight." I started, jumping straight into the interview and doing my best to ignore this kid with his feet on the table. "You guys started out on YouTube, making...prank videos, and you just finished up your first world tour. Am I right?"

The one that had shook my hand, Beau I think, spoke up first.

"Yeah, about two years ago we just started making stupid videos on our YouTube channel and it kind of exploded from there. We didn't expect any of this."

"Yeah, we're just five kids from Melbourne, we have no talent at all so this is pretty weird for us." The one that had been texting this whole time said. Jai.

Well, can't argue with them about the no talent thing.

"And the name of your world tour was..." I started to look through my notes, but Daniel beat me to it.

"Not A Boyband." He said proudly, grinning.

"Right." I said with a sigh. That was such a stupid name for a tour, especially when they are obviously a freaking boyband.

"It's AJ, right?" Luke suddenly asked. I rolled my eyes and turned to him.

"Yes." I said in a sickeningly sweet tone. "My name is AJ."

He smirked. "Well AJ I get the feeling that you really, really dislike us."

"Is it that obvious?" I blurted out before I could think to bite my tongue. 

My eyes went wide, and I opened my mouth to try and recover, but couldn't think of anything to say.

To my surprise though, the boys just started to...laugh.

Well, four of them did. Not Luke.

"I-I'm sorry, that was really unprofessional of me, I--"

"It's fine!" James interrupted, still chuckling. 

I cocked my eyebrow in question.

Jai started to chuckle too, finally looking up from his phone. "Yeah, we don't really care. We've got so many haters we're kind of used to it." He said with a shrug.

"Yeah but we're not exactly used to haters interviewing us." Beau said mid-laugh. 

Okay, I'll admit it...his laugh is adorable.

"Trust me, I didn't sign up for this interview." I said, running my fingers through my hair out of habit. They looked at me in question. "My Editor In Chief sort of stuck me with you guys, I didn't really have a say in the matter."

Beau nodded. "So AJ tell me, why don't you like us?"

My eyes went wide. For the first time, I was intimidated by them. Saying shit about them was one thing, but saying shit about them to their faces? That was a whole other ball game.

"What?" Luke asked rudely in my silence. "Too chicken to say it to our faces?" He asked. Well, more like spat.

My jaw dropped at his boldness. He really did not like me. Well, that makes two of us.

"Luke don't be an asshole to her." Beau said scoldingly. 

I smiled at Beau. "Thank you." I said, making him beam.

Damn his smile is gorgeous.

Okay what the hell am I thinking right now? I hate them, their smiles can't be gorgeous.

I refocused and turned back to Luke.

"You want to know why I don't like you guys?" I asked with an attitude. He smirked and nodded. "Alright fine. I think that you guys and your stupid ass videos just show how ignorant and immature you are. You're disrespectful, and menaces to society. You make all teenagers in the world look as stupid as you, and honestly, you're not even funny."

Luke was fuming, his face turning red.

"We're not any of those things." He said through clenched teeth. "We just want to make people laugh, and if we're 'menaces to society' it's just because people can't take a joke!"

"No, it's because you're fucking rude! All you boys care about is the money you're sucking from those poor little gullible fangirls that you pretend to care about!"

Luke stood up from his chair and towered over me. "You're a bitch and deluded if you think we don't care about our fans!" He yelled.

I scoffed, standing up as well, toe-to-toe with him.

"Don't call me a bitch when you guys are the ones treating everyone around you like shit just to get some fame! You guys have no talent whatsoever and you're weaseling your way into being celebrities!" 

"AJ!" A familiar voice shouted from the doorway.

Oh shit.

I turned my head to see a very upset Ruth standing there, mouth agape in shock at my outburst, which she had apparently witnessed.

I opened my mouth to speak but couldn't find any words. I looked back up at Luke and saw that he was surprised too. I jumped away from him and turned to Ruth again.

"Ruth, I'm so sorry, I was just--"

"Save it." She cut me off sharply, holding up her hand. "My office. Now."

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