-happily ever after or is it-

My friend and I thought we were just moving to a new town, but instead we run into the one and only one direction. Our lives change big time!


6. the party

the party, luckily, was in London where we were stopping for a week. It was also where all of us lived. When we got there it was already fun, I saw perrie and she was so happy when she saw my ring. But it all went downhill when Kaycee saw her arch-enemy Emilio. Kaycee didn't want to start anything so she just ignored him. But he wanted to argue as usual.

E- I thought only cool people were invited to these kind of parties."

K- listen I just came here for fun I don't want to start anything.

E- oh you guys never have any cool come backs do you.

LT- Just leave us alone.

Then security heard Emilio giving us a hard time so they escorted him. It was a wild night after that. I don't drink so I wasn't drunk. I think Zayn got the drunkest(in this story Zayn and perrie aren't dating but in reality I ship zerrie), because he kept trying to flirt with me. I felt Harry getting angry while I was dancing with him. I tried to keep him calm.

N- "You now he's drunk just let it go."

H- "I know kitten its-"

I kissed him like I never had before. He smiled.

H- "I never want to lose you love."

LP- "Guys lets get going paul said not to be out to late."

Louis dropped off Zayn, Niall, and Liam at their flats and then the rest of us went to our shared flat Kaycee and Louis went into the living room and watched movies. While harry and I went to our bedroom to have 'fun', celebrating our marriage. I don't exactly remember what happened after that. but I mean it wasn't the first time we did 'it'. I woke up with harry laying half on me half off me neither of us dressed. I snuck out of bed and managed to not wake Harry up. I got my sweats on and Harry's Ramones shirt and I slipped out into the kitchen. I bumped into Kaycee in the kitchen.

K- "You guys really need to keep it down I didn't get any sleep till 4 am."

N- "Oh sorry about that well I'll be back."

I quickly ran to the bathroom to think things over. I was trying to remember exactly what happened. Oh I hope Harry used protection. Just to be safe I took a pregnancy test. Harry and I had planned to wait at least a year for kids. I held the test in my hands. Positive. Harry forgot to use protection. I did another test just to be sure and it was positive too. How would Harry take the news?


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