-happily ever after or is it-

My friend and I thought we were just moving to a new town, but instead we run into the one and only one direction. Our lives change big time!


4. the beach

when we got to the beach everyone went running to the ocean. Zayn could swim now since he got swimming lessons. we had a blast and for about half an hour we took a break and ate lunch. Then we got back in and started playing tag harry was it and I knew he was coming for me. He caught up to me and picked me up. Then after playing games we went back to swimming. I took a short break from swimming to tan. Then Harry came up to me.

N- "What are you doing? Why aren't you swimming?" 

H- "Because Love I want to spend alone time with you."

H- "C'mon Kitten I have something to show you." He led me to the dock.

N- "What is it Love?"

H- "Let's watch the sunset together."

N- "Isn't it beautiful"

H- "Yes it is, just like you."

Then he grabbed my face and kissed me passionately.

H- "I love you."

N- "I love you too." Then he grabbed both of my hands.

H- "the boys and I are going on tour for 8 months and I want you to come with us, because I cant go a day without seeing you. Paul said it was ok for you to come." He gave the boys a thumbs up.

N- "Yes a thousand times yes." I kissed him and then as we stood up niall pushed us into the water.

NH- "Haha! Louis told me to tell you that Kaycee said yes too and to get ready because we are leaving."

 As we were leaving I got a bucket full of water and dumped it on Niall.

Everyone laughed and then we headed home.

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