-happily ever after or is it-

My friend and I thought we were just moving to a new town, but instead we run into the one and only one direction. Our lives change big time!


3. at the concert(s)

Harry asked us if we could go on tour with them. We said yes, then told her grandmother that we were leaving. so we went to get on a plane and in a couple hours we were in London. We were backstage at there concert. Kaycee all of a sudden came running up to me.

K(Kaycee)- "Louis asked me out."

N(Natalya,me)- "OMG! I'm so happy for you!"

K- "Natalya I'm so excited!"

~3 months later (another concert)~

K-"I know you're going to be mad but I think I saw Harry kissing someone else!"

I was furious. "Prove it" She showed me and it was Harry but then the dressing room door opened and it was... HARRY!

I was totally confused but Harry explained to me that it was his twin. My cheeks were now bright red.

H- (laughing) "That was hilarious Love." Then he grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. It was wonderful and then all the boys came out and made kissy faces at us. 

Kaycee managed to get a picture of it and put it on instagram. Surprisingly all of the comments were nice. As the concert started Kaycee and I watched from backstage and harry was smiling the whole time. After the concert there were no fans that came backstage so Paul tried to get everybody ready to leave.

LT(Louis)-"We should visit the beach tomorrow considering it is our day off."

Paul said that would be fine. So it was settled, we would go to the beach.

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