-happily ever after or is it-

My friend and I thought we were just moving to a new town, but instead we run into the one and only one direction. Our lives change big time!


1. A New Beginning

      Natalya's p.o.v.


  Kaycee, my best friend, and I were on our way to our plane. We were finally leaving for Indiana. we were moving there. As we boarded the plane, Kaycee and I were clinging onto each other so we wouldn't get lost. We took our seats, and knowing this was going to be a long flight, I put my headphones on and took a nap.

I suddenly awoke to a pair of hands harshly arousing me. Kaycee. She said we were finally in Indiana.  Our first stop was Kaycee's grandmother's house. Her grandmother wasn't going to be there for a couple nights so she let us stay there. Once we arrived at her grandma's house we started watching movies.at that moment we didn't realize we wouldn't be living in Indiana, but instead living in London with the biggest boy band in the world.



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