-happily ever after or is it-

My friend and I thought we were just moving to a new town, but instead we run into the one and only one direction. Our lives change big time!


5. 2 months later a big surprise

~London concert~

It was almost time for the concert to start. You could already hear the fans cheering.

Z-"You are really going to love this show Natalya!"

N- "What's going on?"

NH- "You'll see."

~Harry's p.o.v.~

Tonight is the night I am finally going to propose. The boys have been helping me with this for a week now. Louis even practiced with me.

LT-"I am proud of my Harrbear." I could tell Louis was trying to help me with my nervousness.

LP- "Hazza you grow up so fast!"

Kaycee knew what was going to happen too. I hope she'll say yes! I have butterflies in my stomach.

~Natalya's p.o.v~

Weird. Did they know something I didn't, Kaycee seemed awful jittery tonight. It must just be me. in the middle of the concert I could tell something was going on.

LP-"My friend Harry has a very special surprise!" What? I am so lost.

H-"I am going to bring my girlfriend Natalya out here to make an announcement." I am shocked.

Harry came backstage to get me and we walked hand-in-hand out on stage in front of thousands of one direction fans. The boys sang everything about you to me. I was tearing up. then Harry got on one knee and pulled out a ring. The crowd gasped.

H- "Kitten I know we've only been together a little while but we get along so well and the other boys adore you to and we've gotten to know each other so well. I love you Natalya will you marry me?"

N- "Yes a thousand times yes!" He was so happy and we kissed. The crowd cheered.  

~ Louis' p.o.v~

My best friend was getting married I was so happy for him. Now to prepare the wedding.

~Harry's p.o.v~

SHE SAID YES! The butterflies were gone it feels wonderful. I picked her up in my arms and brought her backstage. we kissed goodbye.

H- "I'll see you in a little while Kitten."

It felt great marrying the love of my life.  

~Natalya's pov~

I can't believe this just happened! during the concert I fell asleep backstage and when the boys came back they took pictures of me. Harry put the big news on twitter and instagram. Harry gently picked me up and carried me onto the bus. Zayn kept poking my face and laughing so I playfully punched his arm. Harry layed me down on the bed and we cuddled the rest of the night.

The next day we all immediately started getting ready for a Hollywood party. Harry and I both got ready together and I was so excited to show Perrie (one of my best friends) my engagement ring. Harry and I left his flat to go meet up with the rest of the boys and Kaycee. As we were leaving we got stopped by paparazzi. They started asking a bunch of questions, then one of them saw my ring.

P-"Is that an engagement ring." Then everybody started taking pictures. I got shoved and fortunately Harry caught me.

H- "Watch where you're going." Then he put his arm around my waist and we left. 





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