The Tale of Rukla Yakushi (A Naruto Fanfic)

Screaming... That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of that night.
I screamed, they screamed, and the murderers laughed as if this was some kind of game.
I remembered the warm tears that ran down my cheeks, and then the stench of blood attacking my nose.
I remember the red hot pain, and the desire to run, to get away from all this.
"Alright, I'll tell you about myself." I said, slightly annoyed.
In my mind, I thought about what was safe to tell them.
"My name is Rukla Yakushi..." I saw Sakura shift to the side a little. Huh, figures.
"I hardly like anything... Yet I hardly dislike anything strongly..." I continued, "My hobbies are training and talking with a... friend... Finally, my dream is..." I saw Naruto and Sakura lean closer and I saw Sasuke with curiosity in his eyes, " to die."
(I am not Masashi Kishimoto, therefore, I don't own Naruto.)
(A Naruto Fanfic)


2. Chapter One: Enter Rukla!

   Ring! Ring! Ring!
   What's the point of having an alarm clock...
   Ring! Ring! Ring!
   If I'm up two hours before it rings?!
   Ring! Ring! Ring! Ri-
   "Shiva! Rukla broke another alarm clock!"
   "...I was just trying to turn it off..."
   That right there is my older sister Tatchi. Let's just say she doesn't know the meaning of 'caring and supportive older sister.'
   Anyway, I touched the off button on my alarm clock, and it shattered. Let's leave it at that.
   Shiva is my other sister. She is the mature one in the group, and, trust me, we really need that around here.
   "Tatchi, you know you can't blame Rukla for that." Shiva said lazily. "Rukla, get ready then go to the academy. You're getting sorted into your team today."
   My face lit up at these words. I hope this time will go better...
   Oh, what am I saying? He's not here this time, of course it will be! Right?
   "Okay! Bye, Tatchi, Shiva!"
   "Is that her?"
   "Yes, the murderer."
   "Now, Ikari, don't go making friends with that thing. You'll die if you do."
   "I don't see why the Hokage hasn't kicked her out of the village yet."
   The villagers continued their whisperings about me not-so-secretly as I walked to the academy. What did I do to them, you might ask. Nothing, I would reply, people believe merely what they want. 
   As I reached the academy, bruised a little from a couple of rocks villagers threw at me (nothing new there), I realized I was the only one there. I teleported inside, knowing the consquences if I stayed out there.
   "Hello, Rukla." I heard Iruka-sensei say.
   "Hey, Iruka-sensei." I said blandly.
   I took my regular seat in the back of the classroom, and waited for everyone else to file in.
   "Team seven... Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno..." Iruka-sensei stopped for a second, listening to complaints and 
'yays.' "Sasuke Uchiha..." Pausing once again, "And Rukla Yakushi!"
   "What?!" I heard a female screech, probably this Sakura Haruno, as a pink haired girl stood up. "I'm not being on the same team as a murderer!"
   "Get over it, Pink-hair." I said, no emotion in my voice, "In the shinobi world, you have to kill or die. Can't do it? Walk out of the academy now."
   She had fear in her eyes as she looked at me, but sat back down. Wimp.
   "Anyway, Team eight..."
   "You will meet your senseis after lunch. Come back by one." Iruka-sensei instructed.
   Everyone left, and I, very skeptically, teleported out.

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