No longer innocent, I've been scarred too much

My names Alex Payne. You've probably have heard of my brother Liam Payne who is 1/5 of the world-famous boy band. I'm 18, and Liam is 19 years old. We were really close until he got called back by the X-Factor judges, then he just forgot me. After him and the band became bigger and closer he never texted or called. It's been three years and I live with my parents still because I have one more week of my last year of school ever. I changed after Liam left me alone. My parents started to work more and talked to me rarely, I started to self-harm myself, I have too many scars and burns to count now. I got bullied because of Liam so I decided to change my looks and became the 'Bad Girl' in school. I got new friends, and they taught me how to smoke, do drugs, drink and do a bunch of crazy pranks-some would call them a bad influence but me I just say we know how to live! My parents are now used to it and don't try to change who I am.


5. Working it out

Liam's POV:

So what happened to her was my fault? God Imma idiot. She went through too much, and I wasn't there.

"Li, are you okay?" Niall ask. All the boys are in the room and are looking at me worried. "We heard you're guys conversation."

"Yeah, I'm fine." I lie. "I'll give her a few then go talk to her." I sit on the couch and turn on the TV.

*An hour later*

I sigh, and get off of the couch. I walk up to her door and knock. Alex opens the door with red eyes.

"Alex can we talk again please?" I ask. She just nods and steps away. I walk in and sit on her bed.

"Look I'm sorry I wasn't there. I had no idea what was going on. You should have called me. I just want things to go back the way they were. I get it if you are still mad at me, because I am at myself too." I say. She sits next to me.

"Liam, there is no need for you to be sorry. I never told you, and I was worried that you wouldn't listen to me. I felt so alone. But I was never mad. You shouldn't be mad at yourself either. But I don't think we can go back the way we were. I've changed way too much." Alex says smiling.

I smile back at her, "Well I still love you."

"I love you too Li." She says grinning. I hug her and she hugs back. I kiss her cheek.

"I'm glad to have my Lexie back." I say and leave the room.



Hey guys, sorry for sucky chapter, I'm authors blocked. <3




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