No longer innocent, I've been scarred too much

My names Alex Payne. You've probably have heard of my brother Liam Payne who is 1/5 of the world-famous boy band. I'm 18, and Liam is 19 years old. We were really close until he got called back by the X-Factor judges, then he just forgot me. After him and the band became bigger and closer he never texted or called. It's been three years and I live with my parents still because I have one more week of my last year of school ever. I changed after Liam left me alone. My parents started to work more and talked to me rarely, I started to self-harm myself, I have too many scars and burns to count now. I got bullied because of Liam so I decided to change my looks and became the 'Bad Girl' in school. I got new friends, and they taught me how to smoke, do drugs, drink and do a bunch of crazy pranks-some would call them a bad influence but me I just say we know how to live! My parents are now used to it and don't try to change who I am.


3. Talk with Liam

Alex's POV:

I wake up to jumping on my bed. I hear Louis screaming ''IT'S TIME TO GET UP IN THE MORNING!'' God what's wrong with that kid?

"Louis William Tomlinson what the fuck are you doing?" I mumble throwing my pillow at him.

"It's 10 o'clock and I'm BORED!" He yells.

"Not my fucking problem!" I  say into my blanket. The next thing I know I'm being picked up and carried into the living room. "PUT ME DOWN!"

"Okay!" and he throws me on the couch. I sigh and look at him. I give him the 'watch your back look' and his smile dropped. I smile and walk into the kitchen I make breakfast. After I eat I take a shower. When I'm done I blow-dry my hair then flatten it. I style it and do my regular makeup. I put on black eyeliner on top and bottom, lots of mascara, pale foundation,and rouge on my cheeks to give them color. I put on a blue shirt that say 'young, wild and free' in black letters, skinny jeans, black knee high-tops,  a black beanie, and star gauges.

I walk out of my room to see Liam sitting in the living room.

"Um hey Alex. I need to talk to you." Liam says.

"Okay. My room?" I ask. He nods and we go in my room. "So what do we need to talk about?"

"Umm well you. Why'd you change so much? And don't say because you got older." He says looking at me.

"Well I was sick and tired of being a goodie-goodie who just sat back and let myself get bullied. Mom and Dad started fight a lot more when you left, then dad died because of a heart attach. All of my friends just stopped talking to me out of no where. Every boyfriend I had cheated on me, and abused me. I even got fucking raped! But you know what scared me the most? YOU LEAVING ME! YOU DIDN'T EVEN CALL OR TEXT ONCE! So if you must know, I dyed my hair and changed everything freaking thing because of YOU." I say to him. I see his eyes fill with tears when he absorbs this but I don't care. He deserves this.  

"I'm sorry Alex." Was all he said then he left my room. All I hear is a door slam, then I run and grab my razor, go in the bathroom and do what I do best. When I finish I put it back. Why did this happen to me?


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