No longer innocent, I've been scarred too much

My names Alex Payne. You've probably have heard of my brother Liam Payne who is 1/5 of the world-famous boy band. I'm 18, and Liam is 19 years old. We were really close until he got called back by the X-Factor judges, then he just forgot me. After him and the band became bigger and closer he never texted or called. It's been three years and I live with my parents still because I have one more week of my last year of school ever. I changed after Liam left me alone. My parents started to work more and talked to me rarely, I started to self-harm myself, I have too many scars and burns to count now. I got bullied because of Liam so I decided to change my looks and became the 'Bad Girl' in school. I got new friends, and they taught me how to smoke, do drugs, drink and do a bunch of crazy pranks-some would call them a bad influence but me I just say we know how to live! My parents are now used to it and don't try to change who I am.


12. I guess I can tell you now



Alex's POV

I couldn't stop staring at Emily. She hadn't changed in any way. Her toasted chocolate hair straighter than a pin smoothed down those angular yet muscular shoulders, reaching just above her slim waist, and those piercing blue eyes with pomegranate flecks sprinkled around a liquorice pupil eyeballed in my direction sent me back to the Californian beaches.....

"I'm gonna get you for that!" Emily warned mockingly, splashing the stoned sea water with the toes of her now wrinkled, prune-like, moisturised feet right in my laughing face. I spat a diamonded rock out and it landed with a sharpened thump onto the heavenly softened sand dampened by the high tide. We both just stared at the rock, and exploded into seizures of hysterical giggles, Emily's slightly deafening snort making me laugh harder. She just stuck her tongue out at me nonchalantly and brushed the hair out of my face delicately, our faces inches apart......

"Are you two just going to keep smiling at each other, or are you going to tell us how you know each other?" Nial questioned impatiently, itching his scalp raw with anticipation- and maybe a pinch of fear. Emily teasingly tapped the side of her pierced nose.

"Hmm I think we'll keep smiling." She giggles. I nod as a smirk creeps onto my face. Niall just groans in response.

"Come on!" Niall, Em and I are sitting on a rock in a private beach right outside the hotel. Niall keeps pestering us on how we know each other.

"Okay so we were in a gang together." Emily says with a straight face. Niall's mouth drops wide open. I bite my lip to keep away the laughter.

"Wh-what?" And with that we burst out laughing.

"You really thought we would be in a gang Niall?" Emily pouts.

"N-no it's just that-"

"Niall I was kidding." She rolls her eyes.

"Then tell me!" Niall starts again. I sigh and look at her worried. I really don't want to ruin their relationship..

"We used to date." I blurt. Opps.. Emily looks grave yet it's Niall's turn to laugh.

"Haha because that happened!" He doubles over laughing. Then notices we aren't. His face turns completely straight. "Really?" He whispers. Emily's eyes fill with tears thinking he'll dump her now.

"Yeah." I whisper hoarsely scarred that I have ruined their relationship.

"Oh. Okay." Niall says. Tears fall from Emily's eyes as Niall gets up and walks back to the hotel. Emily turns away so I can't see her cry, she hates when people see her weak.

"It's okay Em. It's okay." I wrap my arms around her. I just had to ruin the perfect moment. She wipes her eyes. "Nothing to cry over he's just shocked. Okay? Just shocked." She just nods and stands up.

"Well there is no reason to just sit around pouting. Let's go in the water!" Always the one to be cheerful even if she's breaking.



Four hours past, so it is eleven at night, and we are freezing walking back to the hotel in our bathing suits, clothes in hand. But we are in a fit of giggles.

"You screamed so loud when that sea-weed touched your leg!" She laughs.

"I thought it was a jelly-fish!" I defend myself. That just makes us laugh harder. We reach the joint hotel room before we know it. I miss this. Just us being us. Then it hits me. My cuts! I'm in my bathing suit. Liam might see!

"Shit.." I mutter. Emily quickly realize what's wrong. Her cuts have faded since she started dating Niall but mine are still very noticeable. But then we realize that everyone is asleep, because it is silent.

"They are asleep." I mutter. She nods and we walk in quickly. "Bye Em see ya tomorrow."

"Night." And with that we go our separate ways for the night.




 OMFG! It's been FOREVER since I've updated!! But I just did, and I'll try to more often. Great ideas ;)

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