No longer innocent, I've been scarred too much

My names Alex Payne. You've probably have heard of my brother Liam Payne who is 1/5 of the world-famous boy band. I'm 18, and Liam is 19 years old. We were really close until he got called back by the X-Factor judges, then he just forgot me. After him and the band became bigger and closer he never texted or called. It's been three years and I live with my parents still because I have one more week of my last year of school ever. I changed after Liam left me alone. My parents started to work more and talked to me rarely, I started to self-harm myself, I have too many scars and burns to count now. I got bullied because of Liam so I decided to change my looks and became the 'Bad Girl' in school. I got new friends, and they taught me how to smoke, do drugs, drink and do a bunch of crazy pranks-some would call them a bad influence but me I just say we know how to live! My parents are now used to it and don't try to change who I am.


2. Hotel rooms, and truth or dare

Alex POV:

The whole car ride to the hotel was awkward. Liam kept staring at me, and the whole car was tense. Once we got to the hotel I swear I could kiss the fucking ground. I take in the hotel and look wide-eyed. We are at one of the biggest hotels I've ever seen. The fancy type the Queen goes to. Not my type at all. When we walk in Liam goes and gets our keys and I spin in a circle still shocked at this place. I knew they were rich but not this much.

"Okay so Me, Lou, and Zayn in one room. Niall, Harry, and Alex in the other." Liam mutters. Niall take our keys and Liam keeps his. We all go on the elevator and ride up to the highest level- the penthouse. Niall, Harry, and me go to our room. We walk in and there is a living room, kitchen/dining area, two bedrooms-each with one king sized bed.

"Okay then Me, and Harry will share one room, Alex you'll get your own." Niall says.

"Cool, how long are we staying?" I mutter.

"Two weeks, so unpack everything." Harry answers. Niall smiles at me and they walk to their room. I turn and walk to mine. Wow Liam is so pissed he won't even share a room with me. I put my IPod on the I-home and put on Black Veil Brides one of my favorite bands. I turn it up all the way and unpacking my clothes and everything. I hid the joints I packed, the lighter and razor in my underwear drawer. Hopefully I won't need them. I sigh when I'm finished. I turn off my music and go see what the boys are doing. It's only 11 and I have no idea where anything is here.

I walk in the living room and see everyone sitting there on the couches. "What up biotches?" I says jumping down on the couch next to Niall on the end. Liam scowls at me and I roll my eyes in response.

"Nothing, what do you guys wanna dooooo?" Lou whines like a little kid. "TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!!!!!!" They all scream in sync. "ME first!" Lou screams. "Okay I choose....  Harry."

"Dare, Boo Bear!" Harry replies. Lou gets a scary smile on his face.  

"Strip to your underwear and run around the hotel screaming 'I like wet socks!'" Lou laughs. Everyone laughs besides Harry.

"You do that dare to me EVERYTIME Boo Bear!" Harry complains. But he gets up anyways and takes his clothes off. He gets up and runs out of the room and sprints to the elevator. We follow and we go to every floor. When we finally get back to our room, kindly escorted by security guards we are all exhausted and panting.  

"Okay nothing that will get us in any trouble anymore Lou!" Liam scolds. URHG such a goodie two-shoes. The boys do a few rounds before someone does something interesting.

"Okay Alex truth or dare?" Niall ask me.

"DARE!!" I say as a half-yell.

"Okay then, make-out with Harry for three minutes." He says with a smirk. Fine, Niall seems cool, and he isn't THAT bad-looking but defiantly not my type. Liam shots Niall a death glare, and he just shrugs. Harry looks at me nervously. I just shrug and lean in to my left because he is sitting next to me. 

When our lips touch sparks flew everywhere. He seems nervous at first but I press our lips harder together and he finally gives up, and actually kisses me. Time flies away, and the three minutes are over and the second it's time Liam tears us apart.

"Bitch." I call Liam. "It was a dare chill Li-Li," I tease. I wink at Harry and he looks shocked by the kiss still. Liam glares at me and I say. "I think Imma go to bed now..." It's already 1 AM how the hell did it get so late?

I walk into my room and change into a navy blue tank, and black shorts. I brush my teeth and hop in bed. Why is Liam still pissed at me? Imma try to find out tomorrow.........


Hey guys, I hope you like the story so far!




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