College at its Best (One Direction Fanfic)

These two girls go abroad to college and have a beautiful, but fleeting relationship with someone.


4. Our Outing with One Direction

Dear NDRGM, 

Well, I have been using you for what? Three? Four days now? i guess that now I can start calling you DRGM (Diary Riley Game Me). Yah! That seems fitting. Ok. Lets try this again. 


Dear DRGM, 

Our outing all over London was great :) Liam and Harry have great friends. I ACTUALLY remember their names. Weird right?! Their names were Niall, Louis, and Zayn. There was some major flirting going on. I have this crush on Niall (He goes to Oxford :)). Marie has a crush on Zayn and Amy has a crush on Harry (they got to Cambridge  :)) We went to Nandos which happens to be Niall's favorite restaurant and then we went to Buckingham Palace to try and make the guards laugh. We almost accomplished our goal. Imagine Buckingham Palace on a day that was not raining. Weird... Niall had a Nandos Sandwich in his mouth and was determined to not use his hands to eat it (he got like seven sandwichs when we went to Nandos.) Harry and Amy were making lovey-dovy eyes at each other and playing with Harry's hair. Over and over again all you would here Harry say was, "you're pretty," in his slow, sort-of-monotone voice and Amy was all like, "you have great hair..." Amy has a voice that could be considered fast for Harry, but in truth it is normal speed for an American. Marie was laughing up a storm trying to make the guards laugh and Zayn was off to the side looking badass. He was all mysterious and stuff. It was great. Louis was trying to get the guards laugh with a carrot. I have made the conclusion the Louis really likes carrots. After about five minutes though he got a call from his girlfriend Eleanor. Liam and I were tickling the guards with Niall and we almost made them laugh... But we didn't :( We made them move though! The guards got so annoyed at Niall and Liam that at one point when they turned around the guards kicked them. It was so funny! Imagine someone being kicked, but they are not exactly sure who it was who kicked them. Anyway, after that we all went back to out colleges. But don't be too disappointed diary because Amy, Marie and I became so close with Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry that we are all going to go "study" tomorrow after class. 


Diary Day 4 Accomplished :) 



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