College at its Best (One Direction Fanfic)

These two girls go abroad to college and have a beautiful, but fleeting relationship with someone.


6. Love will Always Find a Way

Dear DRGM, 

After all the yelling that Niall endured the policeman left and thankfully everyone came home. Marie and Zayn stayed up until around 2 in the morning because they like staying up late.  Liam and Harry went back to their dorm rooms and Niall stayed with me. We had to talk about being a couple. We both had told each other that we loved each other, but what did that mean? What was up with that? Are we really in love or was it the spur of the moment? I had no idea. I had to ask. He gave me this whole speech that was beautifully cliched and I loved every minute of hearing it. He said: 

"Rachel. It has been a while since I loved anyone. I some bad break-ups back in the day and you make me forget about them. You make me forget about all of fears. And yes I am scared out my wits and don't know if this will even work, but I love you and I want to be your boyfriend - even when you go back to America. When you are gone there are going to be hard nights. At times... I may cry. But knowing that we are still together and that you love me in America will keep me going. And look at it this way. I know we (the guys) have not explained to you why we call ourselves One Direction. It is because we are a band. We have been practicing for a long time and our hard work payed off. We got an email and we got into the X Factor. We may become famous! You know what that means? It means that when you go to America, if we become famous than we can travel to America and I can visit you at school, at home, anywhere because I love you. I don't care how many girls throw themselves at me. I will always love you even if we break up." 

And at that moment I knew that everything was going to be okay. I knew that our relationship was going to be fine. I was in love with Niall and Niall was in love with me. I have a great boyfriend, great friends, and everything is going to be amazayn (that is a term that Niall wants me to use. He is hoping that it will ketch on for Zayn. He also taught me Fabulouis for Louis.) Then the phone rang and everything went south. 

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