I've loved the stars ever since I was born. I would sit out every night and watch them dwindle away to little specks in the morning. I would also see these other creatures that ruined nearly every evening. No one else I had met saw them. They thought I was sick, but I wasn't . Those monsters were far too real, and I had to help the other 4 people who could also see them, get rid of them. I would be part of the biggest, yet secretive war there is. And it would be all because of the stars.


7. First meeting

I had my hands clenched into fists, I had tried to hide them but Narfell seemed to have noticed.

   "Don't worry, you don't have to say anything else, just listen," he whispered into my ear. I nodded.

   "Well, it's been an interesting month. Our outreach program has succeeded and, until recently, we have been winning the war. At the moment, we are in hiding, we're constantly moving from place to place and we are nearly always separated to prevent disasters from happening. I am sad to say, we are now losing this war, but not for much longer. If Ismarai accepts, we shall be a group of five. In this group there are three Intermediate Foundations, I, am an Intermediate and you are an Advanced Ismarai. You're our last hope. Now, bearing this in mind, decide, will you join the Dream Fighters?" asked the leader.

   "Yes," I replied.

   "Excellent," beamed the leader. He was tall and had short black hair and his smile looked way too white to be natural. "I must assign you a mentor to teach you everything you must know. Victoria, are you free?"

   "Sorry Rolvolian, I'm doing training for Jardin," she turned to me. "Jardin is our last member so he knows how it feels!" She smiled a sweet smile.

   "Oh. How about Narfell?" questioned Rolvolian, the leader of the group.

   "I'm quite busy but then again that's a good thing for her isn't it? To see how to do things. So, yeah, I'll do it!" replied Narfell.

   "Great! So when this meeting ends, you shall go with Narfell, Ismarai."

   "I have to get home though," I said through gritted teeth, Rolvolian was really annoying me.

   "Well, I'm afraid you'll have to delay that-"

   "I can't, I live with my mother!"

   "Well that will never do. All Dream Fighters must live in the various cabins spread around the town, you'll have to tell her your moving out and I'll invite you to stay in one of our cabins."

   "You're asking me to leave my mother and family behind?" I raised an eyebrow at him.


   "I DON'T WANT TO!" I screamed.

   "Calm do-"

   "NO! Don't make me angry otherwise I will change!"

   "You wouldn't dare," he said in a very worried voice. 

   I would. I thought to myself. I searched for a vicious animal that I could change into. I found a very large boar from a farm not so far away, maybe half a mile. When I changed bodies, Rolvolian stood up in shock, trying to get as far away from me before I would charge. I didn't really want to charge though, I was so tired. I noticed a flicker of movement out of the corner of my eye. It was Narfell, he was running to my side.

   "Please change back. When you do, run and blow this whistle," he placed a whistle in my mouth. "But only when you hear me blow mine. I'll sort this out for you. Okay?" he whispered into my ear. 

     I did as I was told. I ran back through the entrance to the mines. I had no idea where I was going; I just picked a random exit. I came out at another alley way. I followed it down and it led to the beach in my home town. I remembered when I was little. I would come here with my friends and their parents. We all used to get ice-cream and have sandcastle competitions. It used to be great fun here. Used to. Past tense.


Narfell was in the middle of explaining why Ismarai couldn't just leave her mother like how Rolvolian had told her to do.

   "It's not her who needs her mother, it's her mother that needs her! She sneaked out of the house without her knowing this evening. Ismarai hates to worry her and so saying: 'I'm moving out' will probably stress her out. If you didn't know, Ismarai's mother has a serious heart condition and if Ismarai moves out, she won't get the care she needs and there is a fair possibly that she could become overwhelmed by her daughter leaving and her weak heart could give out from the pressure she would be under. That's not fair on her," Narfell said with a confident attitude.

   "Hmm. These aren't good enough reasons. If anything, I'm relieving Ismarai of her stress." Rolvolian was being so horrible. Why did he have to be like that?

   "What's more important than dying? And, if anything, Ismarai will be more stressed, won't she?"

   "Not if she finds her mother a burden on her."

   "This isn't fair. Let her stay."

   "No. I'll call in some care workers to look after her mother. As for Ismarai's rude out burst this evening, I shall not charge her for it. I do understand I am making a harsh decision here and she will be upset. She is also tired. End of conversation." He walked away.

     Narfell had to find Ismarai, now. Where could she be?

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