I've loved the stars ever since I was born. I would sit out every night and watch them dwindle away to little specks in the morning. I would also see these other creatures that ruined nearly every evening. No one else I had met saw them. They thought I was sick, but I wasn't . Those monsters were far too real, and I had to help the other 4 people who could also see them, get rid of them. I would be part of the biggest, yet secretive war there is. And it would be all because of the stars.


5. Body changing

I reached for the last of my remaining energy. I hadn't thought about taking the energy before all this happened, I had just taken it and not realized I had been doing it. Weird. Now I had to concentrate on it. Before I had a chance to think about it any more, my body changed and my head was flooded with the thoughts and instincts of a wolf.

   I opened my eyes and looked up at the boy. I didn't even know his name yet. His chin was practically dangling on the floor. I howled a long, loud howl just to rub it in that I was a wolf.

   "SHUT UP! Someone might hear you!" I just stared at him blankly and blinked a few times. 

   "Although, your ability to change into a wolf is quite amazing, how is a wolf helpful for capturing creatures that can fly?" I kept on staring him right in the eye. "Okay that's getting really freaky, anyway, your gift is useless so just turn back to yourself."

      I wanted to show him that my gift wasn't useless so I decided to prove him wrong. I didn't just change into a wolf, I changed into anything I could pick up with my mind. I changed into a bird and flew onto his head, then I changed to a squirrel and climbed down his back, then a dog, then a centipede, then a horse and finally, back to myself.

   "I can change into any animal that's within a mile of me!! Not just a wolf, okay!" I told the boy. He couldn't speak. He was in shock. When he did finally speak, it scared me.

   "You! YOU! You're the, the," he said the next part in a harsh whisper, "you're the dream fighter!"


   "You're the dream fighter. You need to come with me right away!" he grabbed my wrist and started to pull me along through the tunnels.


*  *  *


As we were walking (or should I say dragging and skidding) through the mines, I noticed millions of doors (or should I say gigantic gaps) in the walls. Were there really THAT many hidden entrances to the mine? How come I hadn't seen any?

     We stopped abruptly at a door that looked identical to the last one we had passed. 

   "You are about to attend your first meeting!" he said.


   "Yep! Come with me." He gently ushered her up the stairs, making sure she didn't trip.

   "Why is there a meeting today?" I asked.

   "Because of recent events."

   "What type of recent events?" 

   "Well, I shouldn't be saying this-"

   "Please tell me because this concerns me too!" I butted in. We had both stopped walking.

   "Okay, fine. You were caught body changing in front of one of us fighters and so we sent you a letter explaining some small little things. When you didn't reply, I was sent to spy on you and-"

   "Wait! What?! You've been spying on me?"


   "Every single thing I do?"

   " No, I respected your privacy." he said in an annoyed tone of voice. "As I was saying, I've been spying on you to see if you're the one we wanted and you are. So I've come to get you." he smirked, "Now you get to have the lecture!"

   "Lecture? What lecture?" I asked.

   "THE lecture!" 

     They continued to walk up the many steps.

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