A Beautiful Lie Or A Painful Truth?

Laura is 16 years old. She is in jail for killing her father. Her mother died a few months ago. Her best friend Kaitlin .. gave up on her. Her family hasn't contacted her since her father's death.

Can she last a lifetime?.. Read the story and find out.

- I


1. Another Shadow Disappears.

    Chapter 1

" A shadow can't ever disappear  with a human surviving on time. Will my shadow be gone, or should I just die? Searching for what you need, will not always respond. Giving me a clue would be nice. Who's me in the dark.... Alone. " - Me. 


Like any other teenage girl I've somehow entered in this whole depression sort of thing, well the darkness took over pretty fast I guess, that's why I ended up in jail. You might accuse me for being a criminal, but i'm not.That's not how it started.. You see, i'm actually innocent. Just wait, wait until you hear the whole story, then you have the permission to judge me. 

Here we go: 


 Laura get in here, Kaitlin yelled , we'll be late for school gurl.

 I'll be out in a minute!, I yelled back.

You better dumbass, she said yelling and laughing at the same time.

I'm here now, come on drive, I said. 

Oh so now you want me to drive huh? She asked, joking. 

Don't be silly, let's go. I responded.

She just laughed in response. That's my Kaitlin.

 - For those of you who don't know, Kaitlin is my, I mean we were best friends since kindergarten.

It's first day in school and we're already late, what a day main. Kaitlin said. 

Then hurry Kaitlin. I responded.

You just, shut the fuck up it's your fault. She said laughing at it. 

Well i'm sorry.. I said, and made the duck face. 

Sorry for what? For being to lazy to get up? She questioned, with a serious face.

 - Ok, tbh that hurted me a lot, even though it's a little thing to be hurt over. It just did. Not to mention, how emotional I am. 

Kaitlin what is it exactly you want from me? I asked nervous. 

Now i'm the one who's sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. She said. 

It's nothing, I mean it's ok. I said. 

Are you Ok? She asked. 

Yea, why? I asked.

Nothing, I just.. Nothing. She answered. 

We were near school, and I tried to break the silence after our fight..

I don't wanna be the spoilsport who destroys everything, let us enjoy ourselves today. I said, trying to break the silence. 

You're not. She responded 

- Some of you or ALL of you possibly thinks that I hurt her feelings.. Well I thought that too. But it turned out to be a trap. Hah, how stupid could I be, falling for that trick.  

Kaitlin i'm just angry at myself, I didn't seriously I didn't mean to hurt anybody, specially you. I said.

It's ok, now we're fair. She said. 

Oh, so you're thinking I wanted revenge huh? I'm not that kind of person. And it's was a little thing, I wouldn't ever do such a thing ok?! I nearly yelled.

I know about the rumors, I know about The Real You! All these years.. How could you? She yelled. 

- In that time, I didn't know what she was talking about. But know god I would've just slapped her in the face a million times.

Kaitlin, what are you talking about? I asked worried. 

I know you wanted to be with Caleb! So you tried to break us up, well thanks to you he hates me! Thank you B.I.T.C.H.. She yelled. 

- You're not the only one who's confused, I was too. Guess what nothing makes sense in my world. Hah I got ya'..  

What's going on? I had A crush on Caleb in third grade get over it OK! I wouldn't make up a rumour about you, and you know that. I fucking love you, like seriously you're my other half! I said.

Yeah right. She responded. 

Why are you bringing all these thing up now huh? I asked. 

I've been holding it in for 1 month, I just wanna know why.. She answered.

Who told you all those lies? Why the heck did you believe all what they said? I asked. 

Because I know the person who told me it. She responded. 

Ok, so now i'm a liar too, great. I said. 

Apparently. Kaitlin. 

- I just thought she had a hard day so I ignored it all. I shouldn't have done ignored it .. A big mistake.



A/N : 

 This is my first story, and chapter. I hoped you liked it, and I would appreciate some feedback :) 

The description of how they look will be in the next chapter, and I will try to make it longer. Hopefully.

So yeah, A new writer on home ground. Say WHUUT. 

This chapter is pretty much about, misunderstandings between two best friends. It's about Laura's life getting lost. And most importantly about trust and faith to each other. 

Y'll probably think, did you really mean all these things in that little chapter Dafuq?!._.' 

In my defense I would say, I tried :I 


- I 







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