1d imagines

Choose your guy from One Direction and put your name and I will write and a imagine for you!!!!! You can tell me where you want to be!!! Love you! : )


3. Liam imagine for Naomi

Today was your boyfriend  Liam's day off from recording so you and him decided to have a lazy day. Liam came to your house around 10:30am and you guys started watching movies. The first movie you guys watched was Pitch Perfect. It was your favorite movie and always made you laugh. "I can also do mermaid dancing. Its alot of floor work" you heard the tv say and you started laughing. "I love your laugh"you heard Liam say and you started blushing and cuddle next to him.

Once Pitch Perfect was over you and Liam starting watching the Titantic. The Titanic movie always made you cry and Liam knows that. The part where Jack dies came and you started to bawl your eyes out. Liam saw you, and cradled you in his arms rubbing your back. You loved when Liam held you because you felt warm, loved, and safe.

When the movie ended you stopped crying and you looked at liam. "You hungry," you asked Liam. "kinda" he said while putting another movie in. You left to the Kitchen and opened up the fridge. You decided on eating Icecream and chips. You grabbed the food and then grabbed spoons to eat the icecream with. You walked back into the livingroom and sat next to Liam. You handed him the food and you started eating.

"I love you Naomi" he said while looking into your eyes. "I love you too Liam" you said looking back at him. You both leaned in and kissed each other passionatley. You both pulled away and sat cuddle next to each other to enjoy the movie.

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