1d imagines

Choose your guy from One Direction and put your name and I will write and a imagine for you!!!!! You can tell me where you want to be!!! Love you! : )


2. Harry imagine for Yahaira

Today is the day your brother Liam got back from tour. Not only Liam but his four best mates Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. They were all coming over to your house shortly so you decided to get ready. You threw on a pink white tanktop with some jeans and a red beanie. You placed your brown hair over your shoulders and put eyeshadow on your green eyes. Once that was all done you headed down stairs and waited for the boys. But a few minutes later there was a knock at the door and you ran to get it. Once you opened it 5 boys stood there all waving.

 You looked at all the boys and the one that caught your eye was the curly haired one with green eyes. Liam must of saw you staring because he cleared his throat and you looked at him. "Oh come in guys" you said moving out of the way. Once they were all in you closed the door and Liam ran up to you and gave you a big hug then sat down with the boys. You decided to join them. "Hi I'm Yahaira" you said looking at the boys. They were about to introduce themselves but you said "don't worry I know your names". They just sat there and talked while you stayed quiet. "Want some snacks". You said to all the Boys and of course Niall said yes so you went to get some.

 "Your sisters really beautiful" Harry said when you left the room. "Well I don't want any of you flirting with her because she is my sister" Liam said to the boys. Right after he said that you came in with the snacks. "Here you go Niall, now I will be upstairs getting your rooms ready if you need me go up the stairs". The boys all nodded and turned on the tv. But once you were heading up stairs you heard someone following you but you just kept walking until you reached your room and sat down on your bed. Then Harry walked in and your face lit up. "Yahaira you are very beautiful and I like you". "I like you too Harry". You said while motioning him to sit down. He sat down and stared into your eyes. But you couldn't help yourself so you kissed him on his soft lips and he kissed back. "Liam will hate this" he said when he pulled away. "I guess it's a secret or forbidden love" you said while kissing Harry again on his soft red lips.


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