The Ice Cream Diaries

When Maria's best friend, Jamie, moves to Italy, she has to face the world by herself but when someone tells Maria that she is fat, she practically starves herself. When her parents notice a difference, they take her to a psychologist to help her. After weeks of no difference what so ever, Maria's psychologist takes her to an ice cream shop with a couple of other people. There she meets Emily who will quickly change Maria's life forever.

Thank you so much to Sparrow3183 for helping me with this


1. The Move

            September 17


           I was just about to knock on Jamie’s white, wooden door when she drags herself into the hallway with a sad look in her eyes. I tried not to ask about it, because we were just about to have the best day ever, but she just came out and said it. “Maria, I’m moving.”

I was crushed. How could my best friend in the whole wide world leave me like this? “Who,” I asked, purposely not making eye contact, “will I hang out with?”

“Well, in Italy I will send postcards and…”

I froze. “ITALY?!”

I needed to sit down, so I went to her white, fluffy desk chair, but I sat down too early and fell one inch away. “Shoot.” I stumbled getting up, then, thinking I’d been selfish enough for this conversation, asked, “When are you leaving?”

            “Next week, but I’m going to need some help packing.”

I was still in shock. How would we be about to see each other if she moved to Italy? “I think I’m going to go home now.”

As we exchanged goodbyes, I couldn’t help but feel angry at Jamie for leaving me. “She’s just messed up this whole friendship,” I said to myself, walking down Yellow Jacket Avenue, which would soon be Jamie-less.

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