The Ice Cream Diaries

When Maria's best friend, Jamie, moves to Italy, she has to face the world by herself but when someone tells Maria that she is fat, she practically starves herself. When her parents notice a difference, they take her to a psychologist to help her. After weeks of no difference what so ever, Maria's psychologist takes her to an ice cream shop with a couple of other people. There she meets Emily who will quickly change Maria's life forever.

Thank you so much to Sparrow3183 for helping me with this


2. All Alone

September 30:

     Since Jamie moved a week ago everything has gone completely wrong. For example: On Wednesday, Charlie Stevenson was flinging ravioli with his fork and it landed right in the hood of my jacket. Of course, with my luck I didn't notice, so I threw the hood over my head and it splatted straight onto me. Do you know how hard it is to get thick, dark red ravioli out of bleach blonde hair? Let me tell you it's not easy. All day I had to walk around school with my hood up so that nobody would notice.

Another time, Thursday, I believe, I was so tired from staying up until four AM getting the ravioli out of my hair that I wore my pajamas to school. Have you ever had a dream where you showed up to school without your pants? Well, this was WAY worse. Since I am abnormally short and skinny I have to wear size 7 pajamas. It is not easy finding clothes without princesses or unicorns on them when you're my size, so of course everyone was laughing their hearts out when I showed up with Winnie the Pooh on my shirt.

My life has been a total mess since Jamie moved. Who can keep me sane now? No one. On Friday Mrs. Meanie (my science teacher) asked us to partner up for an experiment. I went over to Kelly and asked, "Hey, do you want to be my-" but then she pulled over Lily and started walking away.

"Sorry, Maria," Kelly said.

"Yeah, sorry," Lily added in a very sarcastic voice.

When Mrs. Meanie asked if everyone had a partner, I raised my hand and said, "I don't". She eventually found a partner for me, but (of course) it was Joey, the most annoying guy in the world.

We started doing the experiment and everything was going really well. When Joey quickly turned and started talking to his friend, his hand must have hit the mixture in our beaker and it poured all over me. Mrs. Meanie grabbed my wrist and rushed me to the emergency shower.

When the bell rang, I was drenched and everyone had taken videos on their smart phones. What a week!

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