Revenge For My Bully

Noelle Leann Hawa is bullied by the one and only Harry Styles. One day he leaves for the X-Factor and she's happy that he doesn't have to bully her anymore, but little did she knew that her father got into a car accident. Three years later they meet again. She's thinking about getting revenge. So watch out Harry Styles, you got a new Noelle Hawa in the way. (please don't read this story. I have it here because in the future i would love to go back and laugh at my terrible writing skills)


4. Lunch

Chapter 4: Lunch

*Noelle's POV* 

I woke up the next morning at 9:30 and cooked some pancakes and bacon, since I was the only one up. While I made them, I called my mom.

"Morning, mom." I said happily.
"Good morning, sweet heart, how's London?" My mom said she sounded a little bit tired, probably woke her up.
"Same as always. I miss you" I said trying to hold my tears.
"I miss you too, honey. What are you gonna do today?" My mom said while I smiled.
"I don't know. I think hang out with the girls and try to visit Aiden because he's sick." I said. "Oh. Well, whatever you do, just have fun. I love you and talk to you later I have to get ready for work." She said fast. 
"I'll try, I'll try. Haha. I love you too mom. Miss you." I said chuckling.
"Haha. Miss you too sweetie. Bye talk to you soon. Love you" she said.
"Bye." I hanged up. I made a lot if pancakes and bacon so when the girls wake up they can eat them. 
I changed and started watching the news. Suddenly I got this craving to go to Starbucks.

I decided to take a walk to the park to clear my mind a little bit. I left the girls a note that said where I was, so they don't freak out.
I took my jacket and started walking to the park. I loved the park. Specially this one.
I walked to a tree and stayed there listening to some Ed Sheeran. 


I walked to Starbucks and ordered the usual.
"Welcome to Starbucks. What can I get you?" The lovely cashier said to me.
"An Iced Skinny Mocha. Please." I said and she nodded. I payed for my drink and she gave it to me. I took a seat and looked around. Outside was beautiful. I got a text from Hannah saying to get them two Hot chocolates and one Green Tea with a touch of Lemon. Suddenly I get a tap on my shoulder and  heard a deep voice talking.
"Excuse me. Can I sit here? The other tables are taken." The deep voice said.
"Yeah, sure." I said and turned around only to face the one and only Harry.
"Oh, Hey Noelle." He said smiling.
"Hey, Harry." I said between gritted teeth.
"Listen I'm so-" He started apologizing but I cut him off.
"If you're here to keep apologizing. I better go." I said getting up.
"No don't go!" He said while grabbing my arm.
"What do you want Harry!?!" I said angrily.
"I want to take you for lunch." He said smiling.
"How about no. And let me go." I said trying to get away from his grip.
"Not gonna happen, Love." He said smirking. Ugh, why is he so cute. Wait. Did I just said that he's cute. Oh god. 
"And what's going to make you let me go." I said looking into his big green eyes.
"Well, let me see. You to go to lunch with me and forgiveness." He said with puppy eyes.
"Ugh ok, Just let me go." He let go off me and smiled.
"Ok so how about that lunch?" He smiled.

*Harry's POV*

"Ok so how about that lunch?" I smiled. She groaned
"You wanna go now or...." I trailed off.
"How about we go now and get over this stupid poo" She said and I chuckled.
"Ok. Let's go to Nando's." I said smiling. I know that she doesn't want to go out to eat lunch with me but I'm happy that she is coming, well I made her go.
When we got into the car WMYB blasted through the speakers and I started Singing Off Key to make her laugh. She was trying not to chuckle, but failed terribly.
"Baby, You light up my world Like Nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell. You don't Know, Oh, Oh, You don't know your Beautiful."
I singed while she looked at me. 
"What? Like What you see?" I winked jokingly, and she rolls her eyes.
"No It's just that you have a beautiful voice." She said and I blushed. Me? Blush? What is wrong with me? Ugh this girl is making me blush.
"I said that out loud didn't I?" She said blushing with embarrassment.
"Yes, you did babe." I said looking into her beautiful blue eyes.
"Ugh. Don't call me that." She said.

*Noelle's POV* 
Oh god I can't believe I just said that to him. Kill.Me.Now. 

We got there and when I was going to open the door he beat me to it. I mumbled a 'thanks' and kept walking to Nando's. 
He opened the door for me and we took a seat. We ordered our drinks and food. 
"So, When did you move here?" He asked.
"Well I moved here when I finished High School." I said not wanting to keep talking. 
"Oh, look I'm really sorry about what I did to you. Could you possibly give me another chance?" He said looking Super Guilty.
"I don't know you'll have to earn it." I said.
"But it's not like I would forget about that specially, what happened when I had my happy life back." It slipped out of my mouth and I mentally Slapped my self. I wasn't supposed to say that. 
"What happened?" He said suspiciously. 
"I rather not talk about that..." I said looking down. 
"Noelle, you know you can tell me anything. But I'm not going to force you to tell me." Harry said.
"Well," I took a deep breath a hoped I didn't cry. 
"The day you left for the X-Factor I received a call from the hospital in Australia saying that my dad got into a car accident and there was a slight chance that he was going to survive. So when we got there he didn't make it and we had to burry him there because we didnt have that much money." By this time Harry was wiping a tear that was running down my face.
"I'm so sorry Noelle." He said looking at me.
"No need to be sorry. I moved on." I said smiling. 
"And Why don't you move on at what I did to you?" Harry said.
"It's NOT the same thing Harry. What you did to me lasted for 4 years. Do you think im going to move on from the pain you caused me. I nearly killed myself because of you. Ugh i can't believe I agreed on going to lunch with you. I only agreed because I thought that YOU change but clearly that's NEVER going to happen." I got up and left Nando's before he said anything. 
I walked back to to my flat. Crying the whole way. 
When I got there Hannah noticed that I was crying and came to check what it was but I closed my door. 

Ugh, I can't believe I actually agreed on that. He's the same cold hearted person he was before.
After i calmed myself I came out of my room and found the girls sitting on my couch. "What happened to you Hannah said you got here crying." Mia said worried. "Well I told you guys i was going to Starbucks right?" They nodded.
"Well, Harry was there. I tried to get out of the place, but he grabbed my arm, and didn't let me go. I tried to wiggle out of his grip, but he said he'd let me go if I went to lunch with him so I did. The whole ride to Nando's he was sweet and funny, I thought that maybe, just maybe I could give him another chance. When we sat down and ordered. He apologized for bullying me in high school, and somehow my father's death slipped out of my mouth. He said he was sorry, and I said that it was ok, that I moved on. Then he asked me why I don't move on from what he did to me, I said to him that that was something completely different. What he did left marks on me. I stormed out." I explained to them. "He's a right ass dick!" Anna said. "But why did you agree to go to lunch with him?" Mia said. "I don't know. First, I thought I could just hit him in the balls and run away, but then I thought maybe he's really changed, maybe I can give him a second chance, so I went." I said. "Well, that's quite weird. What did he ask?" Hannah said. "He asked me when I moved here, and if I could forgive him, I said I didn't know. That's when my father's death slipped out and he asked why I didn't move on, from y'know what he did to me, and y'know me, I'm a little sensible, so I left." I said. "Well, if I was you I would do the same thing. He's a total asshole." Mia said. "Yeah tots" Hannah said and I chuckled a bit. "Why don't we go visit the twins."(A.K.A Aiden & Jake) Anna said we nodded and headed out.


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