Revenge For My Bully

Noelle Leann Hawa is bullied by the one and only Harry Styles. One day he leaves for the X-Factor and she's happy that he doesn't have to bully her anymore, but little did she knew that her father got into a car accident. Three years later they meet again. She's thinking about getting revenge. So watch out Harry Styles, you got a new Noelle Hawa in the way. (please don't read this story. I have it here because in the future i would love to go back and laugh at my terrible writing skills)


3. Explanations

Chapter 3: Explanations
*Harry's POV*
I was hanging with the boys at Nando's, and I needed to pee.
"Excuse me boys I'm going to the loo." I said and the boys nodded.
I was walking and bumped into a girl. "Sorry" She said." It's ok, it's my fault I wasn't looking." I said while helping her up. "I'm Harry." I introduced my self, taking my beanie off. She took a look at me and turned pale white. I frowned. "I-I-I'm Noelle. Bye." She ran to her table. I was so confused. I think I know her from somewhere. I obviously do 'cause why else would she act like that? I walked into the bathroom trying to remember from where I know her. I finished and went to her table.
"I know you from somewhere, don't I?"I said.
"I-I-I… I don't think so." She said nervously. "Yeah I do. You're Noelle Hawa, I went to schoo-." I realized what I did to her in school. I was her fucking bully, no wonder she turned white when she saw me. I took a deep breath and apologized "I'm so so sorry Noelle. I know I made your life a living hell. Could you possibly forgive me?" I said, hoping. "No! I will not forgive you." She said walking to the door. 
"Noelle you can't leave. We kinda signed you up for you to sing up there." The red headed girl said to Noelle. "WHAT?!? I'm goin' to kill you." She said freaking out and angry at the same time. "Sorry Noelle, but you kinda don't have another choice." She sighed. "Ok. Now move Harry because a stage is waiting for me." She said angrily while pushing me away. 
I have to say she's beautiful, I don't know why I bullied her. Wait, I liked her back in school, and tried to ask her out, but she rejected me, and I guess I thought that if I couldn't have her no one would. Cliché I know, but I was like 16 don't blame me for shit.
She started goin' up the steps to the stage. I sighed and went to the table with the boys. 
"Who is she Hazza?" Louis asked.
"Yeah. She's hot." Niall said receiving a slap in the back of the head by Liam. Which I'm grateful for.
"She's just a big an old friend of mine." I said lying. Why she ever be friends with me after what I did to her? She hates me.
I think I was zoning out because Niall started snapping his fingers in my face.
"Harry! SNAP OUT OF IT." Liam yelled. Well kinda.
"Wha-What?" I said.
"Niall asked 'What's her name?'" Liam said. 
"Her name's Noelle. She's up there singing." I said sighing. She has a beautiful voice. 
"Harry, I think she's Walking over here." Zayn said. 
When I looked up she was there singing and smirking at me. She was pointing at me and I was getting angry/embarrassed. 
"Let's go." I said getting up but she didn't let me.
She embarrassed me in front of everybody. The boys were probably sitting there with confused faces.
We finally left after all that humiliation and got on the limo. "Yeah, Harry I think she's just an 'ol' friend of yours'. If she was a friend she wouldn't had embarrassed you in there." Niall said laughing, yet receiving another slap by Liam. "Wait, Harry. That's Noelle Hawa, isn't she?" Louis said. I looked at the ground and nodded. "Wow she's more beautiful than you described her. Also, Harry?" Louis said "Yeah?" I said raising an eyebrow. "You mah friend are fucked up" Louis said. I was confused. "Why?" I asked. "Because I think she's getting revenge." "Why do you say that?" Liam asked. "And why would she get revenge on you?" Zayn asked. "I think she's angry at what Harry did three years ago." Louis said "What did he do?" Niall asked. "It's not my job to explain. Care to do the honors Harry?." Louis said smirking. He was pissed I could tell. "I'm going to tell you guys, but promise me that it's not going to change the way you look at me," I received a nod from each.
I took a deep breath and started speaking. "When I was in school with her I wasn't her friend I was her…" I stopped took a deep breath and kept talking. "…I was her bully." I said looking at the floor. "YOU WHAT?!?" They screeched at me. "I regret it. Please believe me, I really do." I said quietly. "I believe you, but why, Harry?" Niall asked. "I don't know... maybe because I was jealous." I said. "Jealous of what?" Zayn asked. "Can we change the subject, please."I said and they stayed quiet the whole ride.
*Noelle's POV*
When I finished the song, Harry left embarrassed and angry. The girls were quiet and wide eyed at what just happened. "Noelle what was THAT?!" Mia asked. "That was my performance so... how about we go now?" I said changing the subject. "Ok. But you don't think you're out of this conversation, Noelle. Why don't we go back to your flat?" Mia said.
Ugh now I have to explain the WHOLE thing to them. Where's superman when I need him? "UGH...." I groaned. 
"Hey, guys I'm going to take a shower because it's pretty late." I said hoping none of them remembered what I had to explain to them. "Ok. But don't think you got away with this whole explanation." Anna said while i groaned. "Hey, Noelle can we stay here?" Mia said with puppy eyes. "Yeah sure. Just get the inflatable mattresses. You know where they are right?" I said to Mia. "YES!" Mia say fist pumping.
"Noelle and I could give you clothes so you can take a shower ok?" "Ok but I call dibs on the shower." Anna said while Mia complained that she didn't get to shower first. "Ok. So I'm heading to the shower. I'll explain to you guys the whole thing later. Ok?" I said while receiving a bunch of 'ok's. 
I picked my outfit and headed to my bathroom. Ugh now I remember that I need to dye my tips again(Outfit on the side>>) 
I finished taking my shower and headed to the guest room.
"Hey, look who finally decided to show up." Anna said looking up.
"Well I needed to shave my legs so..." I said not wanting to go any further.
"Yeah, yeah. Now EXPLAIN what you did in Nando's." Hannah said.
"Well I sang a song." I said not looking forward to this conversation. "Not that you dumbass. Why did you did that to Harry?" Hannah said rolling her eyes.
"Well he stole my unicorn and he didn't want to give it back." I said joking.
"STOP JOKING AND TELL THE TRUTH." Mia yelled. God this girls are no fun. Ha.. Just kidding they're cool.
"Geesh, Girl. Ok I will tell you why I did that." I said.
"Thank god...." They said.
"Well, when I lived back in Holmes Chapel, Harry used to go to my school. And, erm, basically he bullied me." I said while a tear streamed down my face. They all three pulled me in to a hug and started saying soothing things in my ear.
"And that's not all but this one it's not his fault. The day he left for the X-Factor I was so happy because I didn't get to see his face AT ALL, but actually that day turned into the worst day of my life. When I got home i received this call from a hospital telling me.." I started sobbing and couldn't stop. Seconds later i took a deep breath and began to talk. "T-T-T-Telling me that my dad got into a car crash and there was a slight chance that he was going to survive. So that's why at least a year travel to Australia to visit my father's grave." I started crying again. Anna Lee pulled me into a hug while I cried.
"I'm so sorry Noelle" Anna said looking into my eyes.
"It's ok I got over it." I said wiping my teary eyes. 
"Ugh, I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch." Hannah said and I chuckled.
"No need for that I think I can do that myself." I said smiling.
"Ok, so how about we watch Pitch Perfect?" Mia said and we nodded.
I think I feel a lot better now that I lifted that weight of my shoulders. Suddenly in the middle of the movie I drifted off to sleep.





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