Love in heaven

This story is a Harry fanfic from his point of view about his love in heaven


1. How it all began

I remember I was sat at a table in a normal English cafe at 10:07 in the morning with a cup of Luke warm tea in my hand looking out the window thinking what a beautiful day the is sun shining there is not a cloud in the sky but the day isn't perfect because I'm with no one. Suddenly I see her for what seemed like a life time but was only a few minuets, there she stood in front of me what seemed like angle with short blond hair blue eyes and a short black dress on she was the one and I knew it. I followed her down from the street to an office I thought this must be where she works then I called Niall he answered I said Niall if I'm late for the concert please just go on without me Niall said shocked what? You can't not come to a concert Harry are you ill? I relied no I'm not ill I think I've just found my one true love. 

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