I Am A Assassin In Disguise.

Alex Rose is different. Well I know what you are thinking. Everyone is different. But what I mean is, she isn't like most people her own age. I know what you are thinking again. Just let me finish. She is a Assassin. Glad you let me finish now huh ? But she uses a disguise so she may have a half normal life. She is a famous model. Shocker. But will one photo-shoot change her life ?


1. chapter one.

My phone starts ringing from in my room. Since I am in the living room going through photos of my first photoshoot, I have to run to pick up the phone in time.

"Hello ?" I answer without checking the caller id.

"Yes. Alex. I have an IMMEDIATE job for you. But you have to be here by 2:00 because that's when we start, with or without you. " the voice of my boss, John Casablanca, speak/orders.

By his tone, I can tell that I need to be there soon.  I look at the time: 12:25.

"Yes sir. I'm on my way now. " I quickly reply as I hang up, reaching for my bag with my keys & wallet in it.

I race out to my black, jacked up Chevy Silverado 1500 truck, climbing in the front seat after using the lift I had installed to make it easier to climb.

I didn't even realize what clothes I had on. I notice that I have on white skinny jeans with my pink 'Flirt' jumper along with cowboy boots. Sounds like a strange combination, but hey. It matches.

I have on only eyeliner with pink eye shadow with my hair in a waterfall braid.

Backing up out of my medium sized house, I see my black stallion racing along the fence right next to my truck. Laughing quietly to myself I promise that when I get home I will take Magick out for a run.

As I drive the interstate heading toward the office, I plug my iPhone up to my radio turning on my Miranda Lambert station on Pandora while turning the radio sound up until I can't hear my own voice.

45 minutes later, I reach the work building. From the outside it looks so calm while I know better. On the inside, papers are flying everywhere. Workers yelling at each other trying to finish reports at the last minute. Models getting covered with makeup.

I quickly unhook my phone, slipping it in my pocket as I turn of my truck climbing out of the cab. Boss hates when I show up at work with my baby boy but he has to deal with it.

Opening the door, I am created by Debra, Johns assistant, who told me to head right to makeup & wardrobe.

Shrugging, I head toward Shelia to make my face beautiful enough for the camera. As i turn the corner, I hear laugher from in front of me as well as behind me.

Suddenly, something whizzes right beside my ear which causes me to freeze in my spot. I slowly move my hand to the front pocket of my jeans where I keep my pocket knife there at all times if I need it.

The snickering stops but is replaced by, "Haz you're in trouble." By a British accent from behind me.

Slowly turning around i still see a empty hallway so I narrow my eyes but do another 180 walking to Shelia yet again.

My phone suddenly starts singing Dont Want To Be Like You by Blood on the Dance Floor for the second time.

This time checking the caller id before answering. Of course its boss.

"I'm here. Im in D wing headed towards Shelia. " I tell the person on the other side of the line.

"No. Come to my office first. " JC insisted. Of course this would happen. I'm almost to Shelias station while bosses office is 5 minutes away from her.

"You know you are a huge pain in my butt boss. " I sigh while hanging up but turning around in the hallway I was just in headed back to the spot where I almost got shot.

I hear yelling come from C wing but I suppose that the noise radiated from the guy with the gun.

If I die, can Carrie Underwood preform at my funeral ?

Deciding that I might be late, I force my feet into a slow jog.

As I get closer & closer towards C wing the yelling & laughter increases in sound. This time I am prepared if someone shoots at me.

I unclip my pocket knife while urging it up my right sleeve so I can throw it at a moments notice if needed.

I slow down into a walk acting like I'm not expecting anything but on the inside I am like a panther about to attack.

Quickly I hear 3 pairs of footsteps behind me while 2 pairs are walking towards me from around the corner.

Think they can trap me huh ? Well they better try harder.

I keep walking because I still have that meeting with JC that I didn't want to miss so I let the footsteps approach me.

I look in front of me to see 2 orange guns around the corner but with no faces belong there like my usual -er- opponents.

I make my steps louder to see the reaction of the guns.

After several loud steps, I hear a British accent, "FIRE !"

Accompanying the word, was bullets firing all over C wing.

But the shocking thing was, instead of deadly bullets .. They were Nerf bullets.

I duck & cover while dogging every single foam bullet that was fired at me.

Soon my attackers ran out of ammo so they looked around the corner at a 17 year old girl standing in the middle of a bullet filled hallway. Both are male.

Their eyes widen while their jaws drop at the scene in front of their eyes. That is when I decide to look them over. One has gorgeous green eyes with curly brown hair. Even though his mouth is still hanging open, my amazing, cloudy grey eyes can notice the indention of dimples.

The other one has finally  come to his senses & closed his mouth but still looks at me with wide eyes. I can't distinguish the color of his eyes. Are they blue or are they grey ? Well he has brown hair that is styled into a small quiff.

I continue to look at them with raised eyebrows. "Well ?" I finally say after about a minute of silence.

I notice that the 3 footsteps are no longer behind me but closing in behind the boys that are still frozen. I mean come on ! That wasn't even impressive.

Finally the boy with the blue-grey eyes speaks up. "How did you do that ?" He explains in a high, British accent. Clearly not the voice who exclaimed 'Fire.'

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you ? I mean I am the one who got shot at. " I sassily say back towards him while placing my right hand on my hip as I jut it out to my left side.

Curly finally came to his senses as I spoke. His eyes are now fixed on the curves of my hips. I scoff as I roll my eyes.

"I'm sorry .. " Blue-Grey eyes trail off.

"Alex. " I reply as I stare into his friends eyes with discust.

"I'm Louis & this big idiot over here is Harry. Well anyway Alex, I'm sorry. We were supposed to get our friends but instead we shot at you which somehow you seemed to not be hit by any bullet." Blue-grey eyes or should I say, Louis explains.

I smile at him. "That is quite alright. But your friends. Are there 3 of them ?" I ask in mock curiosity. The boys share a glance.

Harry decides to speak up the first time. "Yeah. How do you know ?" He questions me with curious eyes.

"There just were 3guys standing right behind that hall over there." I point right behind me as Harry & Louis share a evil smile.

Louis smiles at me. "Thank you Alex. But we have some .. business to take care of."

Louis starts tiptoeing over to the wall where his 3 best friends were (previously). As Harry goes to follow his best friend, he sends me a not so sneaky wink as I scrunch my face up in disgust.

I walk quickly away toward B wing where I heard the 3 guys footsteps as they slowly walk toward C wing.

I come across 3 hot guys but there is something special about the blonde that makes me look at only him. He looks up at me & smiles. My cheeks turn red as I blush so I smile at the ground.

I walk up toward the 3 guys. I open my mouth about to speak when a scream erupts from C wing. Along with a high voice yelling.

"Ahhh ! That girl tricked us !" Screams Louis. I start snickering as the scream dies down.

I open my mouth again to speak.

"Y'all are Harry & Louis's friends ?" I pause to briefly notice them nodding as I see the blonde boy studying me. I start smiling at nothing in general as I continue to speak. "Well they are in C wing right now while currently out of ammo. Now attack !" I exclaim with a grin on my face.

I hurry towards JCs office before any of the boys could stop me. Or shoot at me again.

Walking past Debra's desk for the second time in an hour, I hurriedly walk towards the office of our boss.

Two seconds later, I am standing right outside of his office. I hear not only his voice, but the sound of a females voice from inside which causes me narrow my eyes.

Recliping my knife back onto my jeans, I grasp the door handle turning the bronze knob, right thus letting me access to the room.

Sitting in a chair that is opposite my boss is a girl who looks about my age but a little younger with Hazel color eyes while her hair is a lovely shade of brown.

My boss stands up motioning to me, "Ah. Here she is. Alex meet Eleanor. You will be doing a photo shoot together for Seventeen magazine in an hour."

This will be fun.

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