JB Lift

Courtney are going home from a party, but then she rembembered that her friend drove her to the party so now She don't know how She's coming Home. She try to get lift and finally a car stops. But It's not a ordinarie car, It's a limousine. Courtney can't see past the Windows, so She just open the door and get in. When Courtney Did that She didn't know the limousine belong to the 19 yeared old popstar Justin Bieber.


2. Sexy Lips

I Was hearing girl who was screaming, i didn't know the reason then. It Was to dark to see who it Was who Where in the other side of the limousine. I Was very nervous and didn't know what to say. My eyes started to see a little more and Now i could see that it Wasn't an old man, it Was a boy, Maybe in My age. I saw that he Was looking at me. I started blushing and he smiled. 

"What's your name cutie?" he said. Know i could see him clearly. I started shaking and tears started fall from My eyes. I couldn't believe it. I Was sitting in Justin Biebers car. The person i Loved from the first time i saw him. He standed up and went to the seat next to me. He put hes arms around My shoulders and kissed My cheek. 

"Shh... Are sad or Are you happy? He said with a smile on his face

"I am happy! I am so damn happy right now. I love you so much Justin! I sai and i felt a little nerdy becuse of crying like an idiot over to see Justn

"I love you too babe" he said and kissed My lips. And with that i passed out.



I am so sorry for the short chapters... Please comment and follow<3 More chapters coming soon 

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