JB Lift

Courtney are going home from a party, but then she rembembered that her friend drove her to the party so now She don't know how She's coming Home. She try to get lift and finally a car stops. But It's not a ordinarie car, It's a limousine. Courtney can't see past the Windows, so She just open the door and get in. When Courtney Did that She didn't know the limousine belong to the 19 yeared old popstar Justin Bieber.


1. Brown Eyes And Sixpack

When Chelsea asked if i wanted to go to a party with her i didn't thought it would be like This. Yeeh of course it was fun, got a little to much drink so everything Was a little dizzy, anyway, we danced, maked out with some boys and other random things. But the problem came when i stand there outside, in the rain, and tried to get ride home. Chelsea Had drive me to the party, and She didn't drink anything becuse She Was the one who Was suposed to drive us Home again, but then She went Home to one of the guys we met there. So i stand there, with the thumb out and waiting for someone to pick me up. I know it Was a bad idea, i mean, i could have been raped or killed or something. And finally a car actually stop. It Was an old car, it looked gross, i didn't want to go in but i haved to get home. The man opened the wondow.

"Hello sexy..." I saw that his eyes looked down at My boobs instead of My face. He didn't have any teeths and i saw hes Dick grow bigger when it looked down at the end of My super short dress. "You need ride somewhere?" He asked while he licked hes lips. I Was just about to say yes when a voise screamed "You need lift?". I looked, and the voise comed from a limousine. Hmm... An old car or an limousine? I run to the limousine and opened the door...

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