The Original

Capri Satori was a regular girl who loved singing and was waiting to go on the X Factor with her best friend, Liam Payne. They have been very best friends since the 8th grade, both of them have been through really hard trials, they meet and were the best of friends and everything is going to change once they try out for the X Factor.!


1. Signing up

I and Liam got out of the car we walked over to this gigantic line filled with talented and not so talented performers, for the X Factor try outs. We were waiting in line for hours till we finally heard the word "Next!" Li and I quickly rushed up to get our number. Then we walked in to the huge stadium backstage to wait for our number to be called Liam was the performer before me and since he has done this before he wasn't so scared. But as for me.. I was TERRIFIED!!! 


Another few hours go by then you hear " 61898! Liam Payne?! It is now your turn on the stage." the nice stage crew member said. Liam got up and said " I'm Liam Payne!" The Stage crew took him into another room to get him set up, I followed behind cautiously to the other room to watch his performance. I gave him a big old cheesy grin with two thumbs up and he was off on to the stage. It frightened me to see him up there, only knowing that I was next to perform. He had a little bit of small chat with the judges and then begun singing "Cry me a River". I was in awe as he performed, then I soon got butterflies as the judges judged him. He got in to the next level of X Factor.


I heard some one calling my number in the other room " 61899! Capri Satori?! It's your turn to go on stage." I was freaking out! I went into the other room and told them I was already backstage, they were grabbing a microphone handed it to me. As soon as Liam came off stage, They shoved me off to the center of the stage. I was frozen with shock, then I heard some one clear their throat.. I looked up and it was the judge Simon Cowell. He looked at me and said " What's your name?" I answered with a shakey voice and said " Capri Satori" with a smile. "Now what are you going to sing for us Capri?!" Simon said, I replied " Oh Capri - by Colbie Caillat" " Alrighty lets get it started then!" as the cheeky judge Louis answered.


I started singing and once those few words got out, I couldn't help my self from going and getting into the song the judges seemed to love me! The song soon ended and my stomach was filled with butterflies.! The crowd and judges all started clapping and stood for me, I was in shock! then i heard from back stage Liam screaming " GO CAPRI!! GO CAPRI!!" Simon, Louis and rest of the judges responded with a " Absolutely Yes!" I was Stoked and could feel the over whelming excitement when Liam came running out on stage and gave me a huge hug! I got off the stage with a huge a grin and new that I was going to be a singer some day. That i also got in to the next level of X Factor.. Boot Camp.

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