Kayla is one of the most popular girls, she has everything a girl can dream of a huge mansion, both parents, and her dream car. One day it when all down hill when her dream boyfriend broke up with her. Kayla was heart broken will she ever let anybody into her. Till a curly hair boy came into her life.......


1. Breakup


             Kayla POV 

 Hi my name is Kayla Mahaley I'm a senior at Hebron High School. I am the head cheerleader of the cheer team. My boyfriend is the quarterback of the football team Jason Dodd. I live the perfect life. I live in Carrollton Texas. I stop living the perfect life since yesterday when I found out my boyfriend cheated on my me with one of my friends. This is how it all stared....



I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing in my ear. I got up and brush my teeth and took a shower and curled my hair. I decided to wear something cute today so I put on some high wasted jean shorts with the studs and a camofluage crop top and some combat boots. My mom called my downstairs for breakfast it smelled like bacon and eggs.

             After breakfast I hoped in my range rover and went to school I only live 10 minutes from my school. The first thing I saw when I got to school was my boyfriend making out with one of my best friends on his car. Inside I just wanted it to break down but I was gonna be brave so I got out of the car and walked past them. Jason saw me and tried to catch up behind me but I just ran straight to my locker.

          " Babe its not what it looks like, she kissed me" Jason said

               " So your saying my best friend kissed you I would think Abby would do that I knew her my whole life ...... You know what Jason this relationship is over don't ever talk to me again"  

And with that I slammed my locker and walked to my first class to see a curly hair boy with the most greenish eyes I ever seen they were so beautiful I realized I was staring so I walked up to my desk  and ask my other friend who was the new kid

         "He's Harry Styles from a new band called One Direction ...... Wait why do you looooove him? Jessica said. After that the bell ranged and class started

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