A Girl Named...

You are the only one who can change your life.

This is the story of Sora Sky.


1. Hello.

Thank you for reading this.

Let's start off with introductions.

What's your name? It must be a nice name. I really do not like my real name, it is so stereotypical and immediately gives off the impression of the person that I would be. Which I am not.

Anyway, I've always liked looking up to the sky as a child, and my favourite colour was and still is now blue. 'Sora' is the Japanese word for sky, so I put those two together and bam... You get Sora Sky. If you add Sora and the Japanese word for blue, you get Aoi Sora... (Japanese AV star).

In this Movella, I'll post

reviews of my week (Sora's weekly Roundup, posted every Saturday or Sunday),

advice (Auntie Sora, ),

experiences (Randomly posted)

and stories (Sora's story),

and random stuff.




I hope to make you feel at home here and I'll continue in my later posts.


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