i go to the air force. i meet new people and i learn new things but i didn't know what would happen to me


1. boot camp

it's year 2444 and the earth is engulfed in war and all of human are all most gone, nuclear war far destroyed half the earth. The radiation did the rest. New thing come out of the sky every day but the don't attack us they protect us. It's what comes out of the ground that attacks us the are mutations from all the wars. human kind is searching for new hopes to save our species.



My name is pt. Joseph Jackson i am in the air force. I fly the T-55 hawk. Its fastest speed is mock 20.I am on battle ship imara i know it is a weird name right. It currently holds 2500 people 1500 is fighter pilots. 1000 are crew members. I am pilot 250 i barley got out of boot camp i will not tell u what happened it would take 5 days. I am getting ready to fly to another battle ship it is currently 7000 miles away it would take 5 minuets to get there in my jet. But i have to fly with a cargo plain. There are 9 other people in my team, i am the leader. There is jack, john, sussy, david i am haing trouble remembering my other team mates i have horrible memory. I lost all my memory when a mutant attack my home i am lucky to be alive. My friend called the army they got there but it was to late for my family i was hit in the head with some thing. my told me what happened to me the docs say it will not be long before i get my memory back. i am getting pieces of my memory every day. But it is time i take off.        

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