My friend wins a trip to stay with One Direction for the Summer, and who does she bring alone..? Me the person that can not stand that band with a passion.. Now I am stuck living with them for the next two months.. Great


19. ????

I went back outside to see that all of the tents were set up. Harry brought me to his tent, and he started to kiss me. I stopped him, "Harry stop"

He could tell that there was something wrong with me "tell me whats wrong baby"

"Harry I, I missed my period last week. He was speechless. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it. "Have you took any tests or anything?" He said and then immediately closed his mouth. No but I bought some yesterday, I am waiting on one right now. It will be another 5 minutes. We both waited there in complete silence. We both walked in the house, and I looked at the test. I started crying, "Babe Whats wrong, I am okay either way. I passed him the test, and his face went blank. My legs started to cave in underneath me, and I fell to the ground. He leaned down, babe its okay, he started patting me on the back. I couldn't stop crying, and to make the matter worse I didn't even know who's it was. It could be Harry's or Zayn's.

He picked me up, and we walked to the tent. He hadn't said anything the whole night, and I knew right then that he didn't want it. I knew that it would just mess everything up for him, and right now that's all that I feel like I did for him. When he was sleeping, I started walking over to Zayn's tent.

I unzipped the tent, and walked in. He took one look at me, and smiled. I started crying and I couldn't help it. "Hey, hey hey, whats wrong babe?" He crawled over to me, and I just layed in his arms. Zayn, I am pregnant I just took two tests. He paused, and the pause was not nearly as long as Harry's was. It gave me a sense of Relief.

Zayn knew that I slept with him, and Harry I couldn't bear to keep that secret form him. Well whos is it? He said in a calm voice. "I don't know..."

"Well I want you to know, that even if it isn't mine I will be here for you, if you need anything then I am here, and there is no way that I will leave you alone through this. I stopped crying, and whipped  away my tears. He brushed the hair out of my face, and kissed my forhead. It still wasn't comfortable, and I couldn't focus on anything. I layed there, and couldn't sleep all night, neither did Zayn. The sun started coming up when I felt my stomach starting to queaze. I ran out of the tent, I didn't make it to far before I started puking. Zayn came running out after me, and nealed down beside me patting my back gently. Harry came out when he heard the noise, he ran over to me and Zayn, and started patting my back with Zayn. I sent both of them back into their tents, and I  went inside to start cleaning my self up. I got dressed, and by the time I was done, all of the boys were inside, and Louis was cooking wearing a pink apron that said "Kiss the cook" He was standing there trying to help my mom cook.

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