My friend wins a trip to stay with One Direction for the Summer, and who does she bring alone..? Me the person that can not stand that band with a passion.. Now I am stuck living with them for the next two months.. Great


26. Waking Up

Katie's POV

Everything was black, and I couldn't open my eyes, but I could hear, and feel everything. I felt a hand brush away the hair out of my face.

As soon as I heard the first word come out of his mouth, I knew it was Zayn. He took a deep breath, and then I felt him squeeze my hand tight. "Babe, you have to wake up.. I can't do this without you, I can't even imagine what it would be like to not be with you. It was hard enough seeing you with Harry. I almost lost you once, and I am not going to now." His voice was starting to break up, and I could tell he was starting to cry. I wanted to wake up, I tried so hard, but no matter how hard I tried my eyes wouldn't open, and I couldn't move my body. It felt like there was something holding me down, but there was nothing there. I felt his grip lighten up my hand, he sighed, and then there was silence.

I tried one last time to open my eyes, and they burst open, I could tell they were wide open, and I was squeezing Zayn's hand without even noticing it. I don't think he did either, because he was up, and he had his arms wrapped around me in seconds.

"Zayn?" I asked in a hollow voice.

"Yes Beautiful?"

Seeing him made me so much more comfortable then I was before.

"How is the baby?"

'He is handsome, and doing well, he is with your mom, and Louis.."

"You left our newborn with Louis?" I said trying to distract him from the situation that had just happened. He laughed, and I missed the gorgeous smile so badly. "Can I see him?"

He smiled, and left the room, only to return seconds later with a small figure rapped in a blue blanket in his arms. Louis walked in behind him, and stopped Zayn to turn him around. When Zayn turned back to face me, the baby was wearing a little hat that said Louis Jr. I laughed at it, and Louis came up, and gave me a hug, and left the room. Zayn handed me the baby, and sat down on the corner of my bed.

"What do you want to name him?" Zayn asked as he layed his hand on my arm. I looked down at my child's face. He was so perfect in every way. Big brown eyes, and a head full of brown hair.

"Why don't we name him Caleb Louis" I stopped not knowing what his last name should be.

Zayn stood up, and smiled down at me. "I want his last name to be yours... but the thing is.." He paused, as he got down on one knee, almost falling over. 'I want to change your last name" He said smiling as he pulled out a tiny blue box. My heart was racing, and I knew what I wanted.

"Katie, Will you marry me?" The question made my heart almost burst threw my chest, and it was in excitement. I love Zayn, I took a deep breath, "Yes" I said, smiling like crazy, I couldn't help it. My llips wouldn't do anything else. He stood up, and kissed me, and then slid the ring on my finger. I looked at it. "I wish you would of asked me when I didn't look this bad"

"Baby, I have seen you, sick, scared, nervous, in the hospital, in your pajamas, on a good day, on a bad day, I have seen you naked, and fully dressed, and on all of those occasions you have made my heart stop just by looking at you. You are the most beautiful girl I have even seen, and I love you with all my heart. You are all I want and all I need. If I had to go threw all of this with anyone else I don't know if I could of done it. You are what makes me strong, an gives me courage, and I will protect you at any costs." "Caleb Louis Malik"

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