My friend wins a trip to stay with One Direction for the Summer, and who does she bring alone..? Me the person that can not stand that band with a passion.. Now I am stuck living with them for the next two months.. Great


4. The Next morning

I woke up the next morning in my own bed, I turned to my right to see that Zayn was sitting on the edge of my bed. I didn't know what to do after last night, my mind was everywhere. I liked it,  lot, but my mind told me that I shouldn't have done it. He smiled at me with that smile that makes me melt inside every time. "Good morning"

"Hey" I said

"Katie, we really can't tell anyone about what happened last night, not even Kenadi"


"Cause these sorts of things aren't suppose to happen when girls come for the summer, I shouldn't of done what I did." The smile that was once on my face was long gone. "Okay"


"Katie, I really liked it, and I want to do it again, and we can its just we have to keep it on the down low for now."

I nodded at him. "I am going back to bed". I just wanted him to leave now. He got out and went down the hall. I realized I was kinda cold when he said what he said. I stopped at the room next to mine ,and over heard him and Liam talking. "My girlfriend is going to freak out if she found out what I did! Katie said that she wouldn't tell anyone though."

"Well that's good" Liam said not really knowing what to say.

I took a step into the door way, "Yeah I will keep my mouth shut don't worry." Then I walked out and started walking towards my room. I wanted to make it there before I started crying.  could feel the tears start to form in my eyes. I really had no reason to cry, it was just a kiss, right? He came walking into my room behind me. "Get out! Last night was a mistake, I knew I shouldn't have done anything.. It was a bad idea.. Don't worry Ill keep my mouth shut for you though."

His face was blank, and I can tell that he wasn't expecting me to say what I did. "Katie.."

"Get out Zayn, I don't want to talk to you right now."

Seconds after he walked out Harry walked in... " Are you okay"

"No I am not okay.. Zayn is an asshole"

"What did he do??"

"He kissed me last night.. he actually kissed me, and I liked it, I don't know, then he came in here and told me not to tell anyone cause you guy aren't aloud to do things like that with the girls that come here, but it was because he had a girlfriend!"

He took a minute to comprehend what I said to him.. "That jerk! He knew that I thought you were cute!" That caught me completely off guard. "What?"

"When you got here I thought you were really cute,  a little bit grumpy, but cute. I came to see you to ask if you wanted to go bowling with me today. So do you?"

The only thing that came to my mind was to get back at Zayn for what he did.

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