My friend wins a trip to stay with One Direction for the Summer, and who does she bring alone..? Me the person that can not stand that band with a passion.. Now I am stuck living with them for the next two months.. Great


18. That Night

Katie's POV

After the final buzzer for the game went, I looked up at the over view where the boys were. I looked at Harry noticing that he was already starring at me. He smiled, and his eyes were starting to well up with tears. Then I looked over and saw Zayn staring at me to. He smiled at me, and then pointed over to Louis who was now holding a sign that said We miss you Katie and Kenadi!! Me and Kenadi looked at eachother, and started running down the hallway to the stairs only to be met by all of the boys. Zayn went to open the door, and hit me in the face... again. "We really need to stop meeting like this" I said holding my nose. The door knocked me on my ass, and Niall was helping me up. I had forgotten about Niall. He was honestly my bestfriend. I paused, and gave him a huge hug. I missed you so much Niall! Zayn, and Harry both had a now confused look on their faces. Since there was no hotels in the area, the boys were staying out on my farm in tents.  Which wasn't what they were really use to, but to quote Louis. "It will be fun camping with all the little out door critters." We got to my house, and the boys started setting up their tents.

I headed back inside for a shower. I guess I forgot to lock the door because I was greeted by Lious walking in. He immediately covered his eyes. He went to turn around and run out, but he ran into the wall, and fell flat on his ass. "I am so sorry Katie!!" He said with his hands covering his face. I grabbed my towel and quickly put it on. He was still on the floor, and started giggling. I asked him why he was giggling.  "Are you wet?" He said as he broke out into laughter. I went over to him and pushed him over, and out of my way. "Go find Kendi you loser" I said laughing a little.

I started walking down the hallway to my room. I opened my door only to be greeted by Harry laying on my bed facing me in his boxers. He laughed, while I stood there with a blank expression on my face. I wasn't expecting that. "Harry! What are you doing my mom is going to be home any second!" I felt someone walk up behind me, and I knew that it was instantly my mom. Harry's face went completely red, and he hid under my covers. I turned around and closed the door behind me leaving Harry in my room to get dressed. My mom turned around to look at me. "So are you gonna hit that or what?" I laughed, I really didn't know what to say. "So I take it that is Harry?" She said laughing at what she has just said. With an embarrassed look on my face I nodded my head. She started laughing, "Just wash your sheets when you are done please"

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