My friend wins a trip to stay with One Direction for the Summer, and who does she bring alone..? Me the person that can not stand that band with a passion.. Now I am stuck living with them for the next two months.. Great


7. Just another day

I had been so busy being caught up in all my problems, that I forgot to talk to Kenadi. She I my bestfriend, and I really have to tell her what happened. I ran into her room only to walk in on her and Louis making out on her bed. They both pulled away really embarrassed. But I was set on talking to Kenadi. Louis, I am sorry but I need to borrow Kenadi for 5 minutes. "No problem"

He left the room still embarrassed, Kenadi gave me a dirty look, "you couldn't of waited like 5.."

I cut her off" I kissed Zayne, and went on a date with Harry Yesterday!" "WHAT!"

"and when where you planning on telling me this!?"

" I am sorry!! I wanted to but you can't tell anyone that I kissed Zayn, he has a girlfriend!"

"Yeah I know that he does! Slut" She said and then started laughing after.

Harry walked into the room, "hey ladies, I was just wondering if I could steal Katie for the day?"

Kenadi turned and smiled at me, "nope go right ahead and take her!!"

He smiled and came and picked me up, and through me over his shoulder. "Harry what are you doing?"

He started laughing and carried me down the hall only to run into Zayn. His face went from smiling to blank within seconds. Harry just continued walking, and took me down into his room. He threw my on the bed, and cuddled up beside me. "I missed your cuddles, I wanted them so bad." He said kissing my cheek. But I wanted him to kiss me so bad. I was laying beside him until, he pulled me ontop of him. I was sitting ontop of him while he was laying down, and he started feeling up the sides of my waist, pulling my shirt up. "Harry stop.."

"I don't wanna do this"

"Why not" He said with a more serious face.

"I have only known you for a couple of weeks, and I don't even know what we are.."

He sat up with me still on his lap. He grabbed both of my hands and entwined our fingers together which I loved so much. He looked up at me, and said " Katie, I really like you, a lot, he kissed me so lightly an leaned back, do you wanna be my girlfriend?"

"I honestly didn't know if I was ready to date him. I knew I really liked him and everything, and he makes me really happy." The longer it took me to reply, the more his perfect smile disappeared from hi face. "Harry I.. would love to be your girlfriend. He wrapped his arms around me tight and started kissing me. "You just made me so happy.


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