My friend wins a trip to stay with One Direction for the Summer, and who does she bring alone..? Me the person that can not stand that band with a passion.. Now I am stuck living with them for the next two months.. Great


17. Harry & Zayn's POV

Harry's POV


Watching her get onto the plane was heart breaking. It wasn't the same, the first night was horrible, my bed was so empty, and I just wanted her close. I knew the next month was not going to be fun, and there was nothing that I can do about it. I know that Katie, and Kenadi took a toll on all of the boys, and that they will be really good friends to all of us. I love her, and I know that I always will.

We got off the plane, and drove three hours to her little town. The car ride took forever, and I was getting more and more impatient every minute. Flash backs of the summer started going through my head, and the thought of all of them made me smile. Louis started putting on a cheerleader costume. He tied his shirt up in a knot to make it look like a bikini top. He put on a purple hoola skirt on, and started painting his face. He was wearing a yellow sweat band across his head. The rest of the boys were painting their faces. Me, and Zayn dyed our hair purple, and yellow. When I saw her in the gym, I just couldn't help myself, I needed to hold her. I couldn't focus on anything, there was so many screaming girls everywhere. The only thing I could focus on was her. I never took my eyes off of her for one second.


Zayn's POV

Saying goodbye to her was the hardest thing I could ever do, and the hardest thing I have ever done. What Harry doesn't know is that when Katie got onto the plane, she came back off when he left, I wanted to spend the last night with her. I didn't want to leave her knowing that Harry was the last person she would see, and the last person she would think of. I snook her back into my room when all of the boys were sleeping. We stayed up all night cuddling, and talking. I held her hands for the last time. Well at least for a couple months. I kissed her lips, and I held her close. I knew that in the morning she would be gone, and I wanted to make use of the time that I had with her still. I love her, and I told her every single chance that I got.

When I saw Harry hold her in the gym, a wave of jealousy washed threw my entire body, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. There is nothing I could do, I will always be jealous of him, and how he got to spend all of those nights with her. I deserve those nights, and she should have spent them with me, not him. He was my bestfriend, but I just don't know I could ever trust him after I know what he did. He was the first person I told that me and Katie kissed, and he knew that I was going to dump Perry for her. I can't believe that he would do that, he knew that I really liked her from the first kiss.

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