My friend wins a trip to stay with One Direction for the Summer, and who does she bring alone..? Me the person that can not stand that band with a passion.. Now I am stuck living with them for the next two months.. Great


5. Golfing

Harry came to get me, to be honest I didn't really care what I looked like when I went out with him, I really didn't care for him that much. I smiled when he walked into my room. "You know you have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen right?" He made me blush like Zayn did when he kissed me. We got to the golf coarse and he came to my door and opened it for me. I didn't really take time to notice him. He was cute, his eyes were to die for, I could look into them all day, in all he was so charming. He had natural good looks, and could no dout go for any girl that he wants. "I hope our ready for this, cause I'm going to kick your ass at mini gold" He said laughing flexing his muscles beside his head. I laughed back, "no way you are going down". "Wanna make a bet on this then?"

"Its not a bet if you know I am going to win" I said with a smirk on my face. "Okay then the winner get a kiss from the loser?" "Deal" I said. It came to the last hole on the golf coarse and we were tied 27-27, It was a far hole and I wound up to hit the ball and it ended up flying and hitting Harry right on the side of the head. I ran over to him. "I am so sorry Harry ,I didn't mean to!"

"You know what this means right? He asked me laughing a little while still holding his head. "What does this mean Harry?" "You lost so you owe me a kiss. "

He grabbed my waist and pulled my in really close, and leaned down putting his forhead against mine like Zayn did. "So do I get my kiss?" He said. I could tell he was smiling, I leaned my head up and kissed him. He wrapped both of his arms around my waist not letting me go anywhere. The kiss felt like it lasted forever and when it was done, it only left me wanting more. He pulled back and kept his forhead still on mine, and bit his lip. "I need to lose more often" I said laughing. Lets get out of here and go back home. Before we could get back to the car is started raining. When we got into the car, it wouldn't start. It turned out that he left the lights on. Aha we spent two hours talking about everything, I told him things that nobody else knows, he was so easy to talk to, and I couldn't help but trust him. It had been two hours but felt like a week, and I was okay with that. Everybody kind of passes him on as a jerk or player, but he was a sweetheart really.

Finally Louis came and picked us up. He was with Kenadi, she sat in the front and I sat in the back with Harry. He slowly went and reached for my hand, and entwined his fingers with mine.

I still can't wait to see Zayn's face when I walk in with Harry. In a way I feel kind of bad for using him like this, but he seemed happy, so I will just leave it right now.

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